The Connect: 02/16/09

This fall we're gonna party like it's 1968 Bruce Feldman touches on the recruitment of He Who Shall No Be Named and Clint Hurtt's one-hour airport rule, then tackles the question, "Is the Hurricanes' 4 game stretch against #23 FSU, #13 Georgia Tech, #5 Virginia Tech and #2 OU the toughest 4 game opening stretch ever?"

Going as far back as 2002, Feldman didn't find a team who played more than three ranked teams in their first four games.  But ESPN's Brad Edwards pulled up Northwestern's 1968 schedule, in which the Cats opened up with five games against top-20 competition: #19 Miami, #3 USC, #1 Purdue, #5 Notre Dame, and then #2 Ohio State. Northwestern lost all five and by a combined score of 167-48.

Um, great.  We're Northwestern?  Excuse me while I strangle myself in some annoying undergrad's woolen commie socks.

Sometime we'll pass, other times we'll run  Public Frenemy No. 1 Heather Dinich interviews senior offensive tackle Jason Fox, and in the midst of their candid talk is this informative nugget about what fans can expect on offense next season:

HD: Do you sense the offense is going to change a lot?

JF: It's definitely going to be different. It's not going to be completely different. We're still going to do a lot of the basic concepts. We're just going to change a few things to help benefit us. We're going to keep things that have been working for us, but we're going to do a lot of things to help us that we haven't done in the past. It's definitely exciting.

Is it? Because I have NO IDEA what you just said, Foxy. But he also mentions that the entire team prays toward Jacory Harris five times a day, and the squad feels like the tough opening weeks provide a chance to be in the lead for the ACC Championship and might even position them for a national title, which is what they all came to Miami to do.  I love it when you talk sexy, boys.

Book the Eclipse Nightclub  TWWL's JC Shurbutt (oh, honey, no) offers this Recruiting! 2010 tidbit:

Word is that two-way lineman Tavadis Glenn (Jacksonville/Terry Parker) is an early lean to Miami. The Canes already have a commitment from another Jacksonville lineman, defensive tackle Louis Nix (Terry Parker).

In my fantasies, every time Randy Shannon makes inroads with a kid from Jax, Urban Meyer flogs Tim Tebow in a rage and an angel gets its wings.


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