The Connect: 08/31/09

Moar plz

Cigarette, please  UM-FSU kicks off in 7 days, so that means one thing: yappin'. The greatest thing we've heard so far came from Jacory Harris, when asked how he'd handle facing a large crowd at Doak:

"I heard it's a very loud stadium, but we played at Florida last year and that was real loud, and we had to adjust to that. I don't mind big crowds. I like big crowds.  Plus, I like going away.

"I like to break the spirit of the fans."

Yeah, that was good for us.  Speaking of trash talk, the Make a Play Foundation is hosting a verbal war for kids this week between good (Ed Reed, Kevin Everett, and Willis McGahee) and the only two Seminoles we can't hate and one of them's brother (Warrick Dunn, Myron Rolle, Samari Rolle).  They have a fan base that's approximately 10 times the size of Miami's, but we have the wheelchair guy.

All you gotta do is say "earmuffs" to him AJ Highsmith was profiled by the AP, and we shudder to think what this poor little boy was exposed to as a child:

"He was 8, 9 years old and when my friends who played with the Hurricanes would be in town, he'd just sit and listen to the stories," said Alonzo Highsmith, A.J.'s father, a running back for Miami from 1983-86 and now a scout for the Green Bay Packers. "Then as he got older, he put it in his mind that he wanted to be a Division I player and wanted to play at the University of Miami. That was it."

Just kidding!  We don't shudder. If there's anything that could brainwash a small boy into wanting certain things before he can even spell in French, it's the exploits of the Blades brothers and tall tales from Jerome Brown. We should send them on a story-telling tour of area libraries and pass out offers from an ice cream truck.

Enjoy the silence Cannon Smith picks hometown Memphis, nation yawns.  Having watched Memphis in person during last year's Magic Jack St. Pete Bowl (it's real, and it's mind-numbing), my pity knows no bounds.

Breaking: God Exists Michael Irvin is joining the NFL Network, as an analyst on "NFL GameDay Morning" and "NFL GameDay Highlights," alongside Warren Sapp, Deion Sanders, and Marshall Faulk and Steve Mariucci . In related news, we are ordering the NFL Network.

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