I Think We Return To The U In 2010 This Is Why :


 jacory harris # 12

he will be more on his stuff this year he know's what the down fall was last year in i think he will put the team on his back in be the leader he is , im not worried about most of the int's because more then half didnt lose us a game it was in the game's we lose like vt , clem , unc ,and even in one win vs okla where he threw them trying to make plays but i think he will see it on film in correct him self besides he's gonna have another year under who i believe is the best oc in ncaa football mark whipple so look for a big year out of harris who has plenty of weapons around him . & i feel confident in our back up's whipple jr is cool as well as highsmith just in case 2010 lookout .


damien berry # 20

i said last year after the famu game he should be the starter he shows two things that two former great canes ( frank gore & willis mcgahee) did well for us in thats hit the hole in punish defender's i love hir running style cooper & james tip to much berry get there he is a physical runner that will be even better with carries in 2010 lookout .

mike james # 5

all i gotta say is explosive but physical at the same time this guy played fb in 09 becuz of injury's now he goes back to tailback where you will see the full package if you seen him in high school thats what you can expect he's gonna be very effective & productive this year he reminds me of another jame's ( not javarris but edge ) he has all the tool's but he is quick & powerful he will give you something everytime he touch the ball 2010 lookout .

lamar miller # 6

speed quick speed quick did i say speed he is the second most explosive guy on our team when i say he can take it there in a hurry from end too end believe me this guy on the field speed is second to one ( benjamin ) he hits the hole at full speed in cuts & spin like no other he will definley be a match up problem as well as a change of pace in he's not little at about 210 he likes to punish defender's coming out year 2010 lookout .

storm johnson # 24

speed , power , quickness , lateral , describes this guy i think he's a more physical portis he run's with leverage in know's what he want to do he is so sudden with impact he can leave defender's on there back or grabbing there ankle he will contribute as a change of pace i believe he is advance at the position so he should make an early impact 2010 lookout for the freshman .

we have a deep back field where all of our backs are diffrent but have one thing in common they all are physical lookout for fb pat hill # 30 he's back in he is very impactfull at that position he gets it done .


travis benjamin # 3

he will be the most explosive player on the college football field he is so fast , quick , and lateral he can take any ball that touch his hand the distance he is rare he is a dependable catcher in any situation i think he will have a big year from the receiver position as well as punt returner he is a stamp playmaker 2010 lookout .

laron byrd # 47

he has fairly good speed he makes the tough catch's he is our guy we can throw it up to in he jump's over db's an snag the ball from the air you can say he is a little michael irvin but he has the springs in his legs to make all the tough catch's he is very productive in dont sleep on em he'll burn ya 2010 lookout .

thearon collier # 28

very productive slot man  he runs good routes in makes most of our first down catchs he is our yards after the catch guy who makes his plays when called upon i think he will elevate his game even more this year he is a good weapon in very dependable 2010 lookout .

leonard hankerson # 85

this guy is a playmaker he burst on the scene last year in became the go to guy in the offense he makes catch after catch he runs great routes thats how he gets open at decent speed he is on a track where he only can get better he leads our recieving core in takes the challenge of being the man 2010 lookout .

aldarius johnson # 4

i think this is our best pure wide out he makes the most clutch catches he was our leader as a freshman but fell off do to nagging injuries last year he is in top shape in more comfortable playing lighter so i think he will have a breakout year look for the  6'3 208 wr to take off on db's this year he clock a late 4.3 this spring 2010 lookout.

tommy streeter # 86

breakout year look it in he will be a big contributor to this offense this year the 6'6 wr with 4.4 speed came into his own late in the season he is gonna be an explosive player in the deep passing game look for his former high school qb to slang it to him early in often to let him make plays 2010 lookout .

davon johnson # 81

speedy , quick , lateral guy with good route running skills an hands he has a chance to play this year in i think he will make the most of it 2010 lookout .

kendal thomkins # 83

i think you will see a productive year out of this guy he is another northwestern guy who got caught up in the it;s gonna be given to me phase but he got his reality check in is ready to burst on the scene he will be an explosive slot reciever he has all the tools to make an impact another slasher speed quick & lateral 2010 lookout .

TE :

dont know too much about the one's on our roster but that they are good blocker's , but the one's coming in fall are dynamic pass catcher's that could see early playing time due to lack of experience here .


im gonna say they are very good in the run blocking area as a young group but i think they have the potenial to be even better in pass protection playing against does monster's down towards the bottom 2010 lookout .


allen bailey # 57

best player on a great defense yet to be unleash , he is stamp freakish he mans the line of scrimmage he is a run stuffer when at dt then his versatility to slide outside to de an become a pass rusher he is a 6'4 288 pound force with 4.6 speed this guy is gonna be in the running for some defensive award 2010 lookout .

dyron dye # 49

the 6'4 245 pound end is very athlethic he is a pass rushing machine he will explode when the ball is snap in get to the qb he didnt play last year because of a hamstring issue but expect him to be on of the hungry players out of 5 that i describe later on he will definley make an impact  2010 lookout .

adewale ojomo # 97

a solid piece that can contribute to the defense he's tough in has something to prove my second hungry player he sat out with an broken jaw last year he holds up against the run & is a decent pass rusher 2010 lookout .

marcus robinson #56

he's is focused on being the man again like his freshman year he might be the second most game changing de we got behind bailey this guy gets of the ball quick & in a hurry he makes plays he is just raw an fast he gets it done 2010 lookout .

andrew smith # 48

on the verge of a breakout year he is a junior ready to take his role & responsibility's in run with it he has a motor thats been running hot for qb's this spring 2010 lookout .

vernon oliver # 35

a rising soph that says he wants to break the canes sack record he played very welll last year he is another explosive guy who will be a big piece of our defense in the run stuffing department as well as pass rushing he is young confident and ready to make plays 2010 lookout .

steven wesley # 90

another solid guy who will make this defense tough in contribute in anyway he can he is waiting to have a breakout year in he just might this year 2010 lookout .


marcus fortson # 99

i think this year will be his time to show his stuff he know he has to be the rock we recruited him to be he's been good but we need him to be great he will be fresh when the season starts so expect a run stuffing year out of him he is counted on to make his line mates better along with bailey 2010 lookout .

josh holmes # 92

run stuffer we need thats what he 's gonna do exactly that .

micanor regis # 54

strong body in the middle to help fortson ancor the defense he is a presence that will have to be accouted for lookout for ah whole lot of run stuffing from him as well as pass rushing when needed 2010 lookout .

curtis porter # 96

another big body to run stuff in keep things fresh down there but will be productive with holmes .

D-LINE:  we are stacked we will have the deepest d-line rotation in college football our we will have a solid 6 de's & 5 dt's . note : that all our d-line have never been healthy at the same time this will be the first time in years now we get them all so we have depth in they will stay fresh out the year .


sean spence # 31

one of if not the most hungry player on our defense he's feel's he perform well last year in didnt want to blame it on injuries but thats what it was but he has trimmed down a bit in is comfortable in stronger look for him to have a huge impactful year for our defense 2010 lookout ,

colin mccarthy # 44

smart instinctive playmaking run stuffing line backer who will be a huge part of our defense i hope he moves to middle to sure the defense up but he will be solid 2010 lookout .

ramon buchanan # 45

another speedy hitter that can cover wr's & te's like spence he has a shot at the third lb spot but it will be tough to pick out of him in futch another stud doe 2010 lookout .

jordan futch # 58

he is explosive he hits like a train running threw a corvette he just makes plays an can put some momentum on defense instantly he also is a cover backer he can run real well 2010 lookout .


brandon harris # 1

looking to be more of a shutdown corner he showed us he can cover & support the run now he looks to show us man skills like locking down top wide outs & ball hawking he wants to lead the nation in int's this year not pass break up's like last year 2010 lookout .

demarcus van dyke # 8

he was challenge in he said he's gonna step his game up point blank period look for him to make plays this year & be a huge part of more to's 2010 lookout .

brandon mcgee # 21

he is raw he is fast he is tough he is talented put all that toghether in you have a productive piece look for him to make plays in the secondary this year .

latwan anderson # unavailable

arrives in fall i didnt add anybody else from fall because i dont think there of his caliber he is a stamp stud playmaker whatever you wanna call him he will take playing time in a not cornerback department that is thin in depth in he is a track star also clocking a 4.35 he is a ballhawk he will play cb & s as well as kr pr .


ray ray armstrong # 26

let me start by saying sean taylor is my favorite player of all time when it comes to football in this guy is from my area in he is a spit image of st in i believe he is gonna be the dominant play making feared safety st was in his first starting season an beyond no more need be said big hitter & ball hawker 2010 lookout          RIP ST 21 .

vaughn telemaque # 7

this is gonna be the best safety tandem in college football both of them are special they hit & ball hawk this guy does it all at well it doesnt get any better 2010 lookout .

jamal reid # 15

he will spare both of them he can cover very well he's a ball hawk .

K/P :

matt bosher # 25

still our solid dependable guy his extra point's is gonna sky rocket .


travis benjamin

lamar miller

latwan anderson

all explosive , fast , quick , lateral & will take it there .

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I  MENTION THE MAIN PIECES THAT SHOULD TAKE US TO THE BCS .

i didnt mention graig cooper # 2 because i dont know about his injury .

i didnt mention the incoming freshmans for fall , only anderson ( he's special )




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