The Big Ten Commissioner & all his windbags keep this up the BCS will be done earlier then the TV contract expires.....BCS is EVIL!!!!

Assault on BcS, its 'discrimination' continues Posted by John Taylor on May 25, 2010 2:31 PM ET In the days since the Good Ol' Boy network -- known by some as the BcS -- basically told Congress to stay off their lawn and get a haircut while you're at it punks, the response to that response has been growing and is reaching a crescendo that's arguably louder than it's ever been.  Or, at the very least, close to it.
Orrin Hatch, the Utah senator who was one of the lucky ones afforded the opportunity to be talked down to by the BcS in letter form, called the BcS "arrogant" and labeled it as "biased, secretive and harmful".  Utah president Michael Young said "math be damned... if any conference in the country has proved itself" worthy of automatic qualifying status it's the Mountain West.
On Monday, Arent Fox, a D.C.-based lobbyist employed by the MWC, produced a damning set of charts that show how the MWC/WAC has outperformed both the Big East and ACC from 2007-2010 in major bowl games when it comes to TV ratings, rankings and attendance, while not even remotely touching the revenue those two AQs received.
BcS Charts.PNG
Armed with that set of numbers, Boise State president Robert Kustra Tuesday became the latest in a string of public figures to take a whack at the current structure used to determine a national champion.
In a statement that uses the word "discrimination" no less than five times, Kustra blasted the inequity of the current system, and questioned the "half-baked defenses... cook[ed] up" by "politically-connected and expensive consultants" even as the BcS has Congress and the Justice Department breathing down their backs.
"University presidents and others who care deeply about what higher education stands for should take a hard look at the chart. The lesson embedded in this chart teaches that it is fine to employ a system, such as the BCS, where the revenue is rigged in favor of some, at the expense of others, regardless of who performs better. That is the last lesson we should be teaching our students.
This chart tells only a slice of the full story of the BCS's discrimination. The revenue discrimination is even greater when deserving teams are excluded from major bowls. The BCS system is designed to make it virtually impossible for teams from outside of the six Automatic Qualifying Conferences or Notre Dame to ever win the national championship. Further, the Automatic Qualifying Conferences are guaranteed 60% of the spots in the major bowls, and barring a highly aberrational situation (such as occurred last year for the first time), those conferences, along with Notre Dame, for all practical purposes will be given at least 90% of the major bowl spots each year."
While invoking Butler's magical run through the men's basketball tournament this past March as something that could never happen in football, Kustra ripped one the tired BcS arguments that the current system makes every regular-season game count, something, they say, would never be the case if there were that hedonistic playoff system in place.
"Unfortunately, the BCS speaks with much less candor. For example, a BCS spokesperson stated that "the best reason for supporting the BCS can be summed up in three words: every game counts." But how do Boise State's games count under the BCS when four of the past six years we went undefeated in the regular season, and yet never even came close to having an opportunity to compete for the national championship? How did all of those games, and all of those perfect records, count under the BCS? In fact, in two of those four undefeated regular seasons, Boise State was foreclosed from even playing in a major bowl."
Keep tightening that vice, fellas.  Keep tightening that vice until the head pops off like a grape.  Until the intestines, like they're spring-loaded, pop out, leaving nothing but a lifeless body to spin down to the ground like a whirligig.
After hitting a gargoyle first, of course.

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3 Responses to "Assault on BcS, its 'discrimination' continues"

  1. stnmmc says: May 25, 2010 4:08 PM ET

    The highlight of my day is when there is a story about somebody slamming the BcS. I have hated the crowning of a DI(until we have new names for DII and DIII I refuse to use whatever alphabet soup name they are calling themselves this week) champ through polls and this current system ever since ol' Dr. Tom pulled the "I'm retiring" act and screwed Penn State out of any piece of the title in '94. How can these bastards use a playoff for EVERY other NCAA sport, but not DI football. That is a rhetorical question, because we all know the answer.

    Go get'em fellas!!!!

  2. Sam says: May 25, 2010 7:21 PM ET

    What about attendance and TV ratings during the regular season? Oh yeah, Mountain West about 33k per game (about 25k without BYU) and WAC about 23k. Pretty chart though. Keep poking the bear little guys, and maybe you'll have your own division soon.

  3. Observer1 says: May 25, 2010 7:36 PM ET

    I will say it again.

    16 Teams

    Each of the 11 conferences get an automatic bid. Conferences would be required to have a conference championship game, the winner gets the auto bid. The five at large bids would be selected from the 11 teams that lost in the conference championship game. This means teams must win their division to even get considered for an at large bid. Independents would have three years to join a conference.

    The 11 eligible at large teams would use a power rating system to determine the five teams that get the at large bids.

    The playoff is the seeded based on the power rating system.

    1. The first round would be thanksgiving weekend. Round two the weekend following and then a break until a few days after New Years Day. Teams that lose in the first two rounds could stay play in a bowl game. Bowl games would have to be played during the three weeks of down time between round 2 and 3. When the playoffs are being played, there would be no other D1 game scheduled on that date.

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