The U and the ACC Coastal Division

I'm a life-long Seminole fan, and I hope no one minds me posting a Fan Post on your page instead of just commenting. I would first like to say congratulations on the big win over VPI last night. I watched the game, and it was one of those rare moments I pulled for Miami. Perhaps starting before that game, but definitely now, I'm sure, I would assume many Hurricanes fans have pondered the possibilities of winning the Coastal Division. This has been a discussion among many Seminoles fans as well. Personally, and there are many others who feel the same way, I hope Miami wins the division. I feel that way for several reasons:

A) Although I'm old-school and probably feel about Miami how many Hurricanes feel about Florida State, I do respect Coach Golden. I believe he's had a lot stacked against him since arriving in Coral Gables, lost a lot of key players, and still has put together a team that has remained competitive and exceeded expectations so far. Sure, it hasn't been perfect, and it may get worse with the NCAA looming, but so far, he's kept the team's head above water, and hasn't bolted on the team when facing unforeseen circumstances and an unknown future. I respect that.

2) I believe Miami winning the Coastal and playing in the ACCCG benefits the ACC as a whole. Personally, I hate the ACC, I wish the Seminoles had gone to the Big XII and taken the 'Canes and Clemson with them (hey, a boy can dream, right?) But, since we're stuck in the ACC, it benefits all teams for the conference to be perceived in a more positive light. I believe a Miami that defies the odds and wins their division looks better to everyone than a VPI team that is the worst they've had in over a decade, and the idea of Duke in the ACCCG would be a punchline to the entire nation outside (and in) the ACC.

D) I think we've all had about just about enough of Virginia Tech. Florida State and Miami are the legends, and it's about time for Virginia Tech to take a step back and get used to playing second fiddle.

Turquoise) There was some discussion here recently that some FSU fans were beginning to feel that Clemson was replacing Miami when it comes to intensity of rivalry (this was only due in part to their being somewhat bigger implications in the FSU-Clemson game for the Atlantic Division, while FSU-Miami had not happened in the ACCCG and held less significance in winning division or conference, and not a slight against Miami). This would be corrected if the two were playing for bigger stakes like they should be, such as the conference championship.

I say all of that to get to this point: many of us are wondering if Miami will self-impose another post-season ban. Many questioned whether Miami would self-impose an entire post-season ban, or just a bowl ban as was the official wording by the university in 2011 - "bowl ban." Apparently someone even brought the question to the ACC, if Miami self-imposed a bowl ban, could they participate in the conference championship game, to which they were apparently told by the ACC that no, if they self-imposed a bowl ban, they could not participate in the ACCCG.

What are any of you hearing? Do you believe Miami will self-impose a post-season ban? Is there any speculation the NCAA could act this late in the season? I would believe they would not, and would wait until after the season was over. I'd like to hear what you think, or if anyone is hearing rumors. Personally, I believe Miami should not self-ban this year if it looks like they will win the division. As Miami and FSU have both learned, conference championship games don't come along every day. Besides, whatever the NCAA is going to do, I believe they will do regardless. They have been anything but consistent in recent years, and as FSU and several others have learned the hard way, there seems to be little or no leniency for schools who turn themselves in when discovering violations or self-punish.

I would like to point out that I do not mean to sound arrogant talking about FSU winning the Atlantic Division or playing in the ACCCG. That is far from determined, there is still a lot of football to be played, and the Seminoles have a tough road game in Blacksburg on Thursday night, regardless of VPI's record. Not counting any chickens just yet, but it's fun to think about scenarios and the possibility of FSU and Miami playing for the conference title.

I really do sincerely wish you, your team, and your coach the best of luck for the remainder of the season (with the exception of winning the conference, of course!) Your team has a good coach, I've come to feel the right person Miami needs during this period of time. Maybe we'll all be headed to Charlotte in December.

By the way, in an unrelated note, while I have the opportunity, I've always wanted to ask what the old blog name, "The Seventh Floor" was in reference to? I know there's an old movie by that name, but I didn't understand the name in regards to Miami. I like the new name much better, but that might just be because I didn't understand the old name. Like the new logo, too.

We at SOTU are not responsible for the content posted in this section. I mean, we're responsible for the good stuff that gets posted in this section. That was totally us. Beyond that, we take no responsibility whatsoever.

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