Hurricanes' NCAA Sanctions: Expect the Unexpected.

MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 27: Head coach Al Golden of the Miami Hurricanes watches a replay during action against the Virginia Cavaliers on October 27, 2011 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

In just a few short months the Miami Hurricane football program should be handed their fate from the ongoing NCAA investigation stemming from ex-Hurricane booster Nevin Shapiro. There have been multiple opinions on what Miami should and shouldn't get. Some people even say the death penalty is in order.

I honestly wouldn't count it out.

Miami has always been the "Bad Boys of Football", a moniker they received for the way they acted on and off the field during the 80's, but went away towards the late 90's. Butch Davis came in and wanted to clean up the program and eventually did, so we thought.

Nevin Shapiro, the ex-Hurricane booster, decided that he needed to be an ass jerk and tattletale on his beloved Hurricanes. What came next was a detailed Yahoo! article showing pictures and receipts of Hurricane players supposedly accepting gifts from the con.

Now with the investigation winding down there are many speculations, some professional and some opinionated, of what will happen to the Hurricane program. I can tell you one thing, the recent suspension of ex-Hurricane Jonathan Vilma the NFL handed down to "make and example", didn't help Miami's cause.

Every organization and media outlet wants to continue to hold Miami to another standard. A standard of being thugs and uneducated players, when in reality is furthest from the actual truth. If you don't want to believe that just compare the actual police reports between Miami and any other big time football college across the country over the last 10 years. While you are at it, compare the test scores of Hurricane football players to every non-Ivy league school.

That's what I thought.

Basically what I am saying is no matter how improved the program is, Miami will always be made to look worse than they actually are. What those KIDS allegedly did was an NCAA violation, if allegations are true, and there is no doubt they need to be punished.

My huge problem are that other programs, such as Florida, that have actually committed crimes off the field goes virtually unnoticed. Why make an example out of a school for non-illegal activities? Make an example out of Florida and other schools that actually give scholarships to criminals.

Sorry, but getting a free dinner or an escort for the night is nothing compared to a "time to die" text, ain't that right Chris Rainey?

I personally believe Miami will only get another year or two bowl ban and a loss of multiple scholarships over the next few years, but I would not be surprised if the NCAA, like the NFL did to Vilma, makes an example of Miami and gives them a more serious sanction.

Maybe not the death penalty, but something more severe than they deserve.

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