Miami Hurricanes Recruiting Roundup For The Week Before Signing Day

Stacy Coley is a must-get recruit for Miami - Bud Elliot - SB Nation Recruiting

National Signing Day is next week, so where do the Canes currently stand with regards to recruiting? State Of The U updates you on the current goings on.

Well people, it's almost here. The day when thousands of grown men anxiously F5 their computers to see what teenage kids they've never met end up doing. As creepy as it sounds, it's become big business in the college football world, and rightly so.

So where do the Canes stand after the big OC hire from last week? Well, Coley's impact has definitely already been felt in more than a few areas. Later this week, Joe, Etan and I will have a more thorough look at where we think a lot of the top prospects will end up. For now though, let's give you a quick update.

The recruit that has been affected the most by the Coley hire has got to be Augustus "Gus" Edwards out of Staten Island, NY. Prior to the Coley hire, Miami was coming on very strong, but he still had FSU and Syracuse in the picture. Now, in just one short week (or so), he has reportedly removed Cuse from consideration, and has a top two of Miami and FSU. The kicker is that Golden will visit him in-home this week, and he is scheduled for an official visit to Miami the weekend before signing day. He's a RB/FB mix in the Lonnie Pryor mold, and would fit into Coley's offensive scheme perfectly. Also, don't worry about the whole RB situation with him, his recruitment does not affect Alex Collins at all. If they can get both, they will take both.

A bit of news that will certainly get Canes fans excited is that, according to CanesInsight's Pete Ariz, Golden's staff has felt extremely good about Stacy Coley, even before his visit to UM for the Duke game. You have to think that the OC hire has made a big impact here, even if it is only to more or less lock him up for the Canes. Being able to add him come Feb. 6th would be huge for the receiving corps, and his play making ability would give Morris another viable threat on the outside.

LB Jermaine Grace was supposed to announce twice last week, then this week, but now has decided to wait until signing day so that he can do it on television. You certainly can't hold that against the kid, because why wouldn't you want the exposure and fun of having eyes on you? Louisville fans are taking this to mean that he is swaying their way, but everyone I have spoken with has basically promised to either drink their own fluids or destroy personal property if he doesn't choose Miami. His coach's quotes before his UL visit made it sound like he already knew where he was going to go, and I don't think that changes. I fully expect Miami with this one.

A surprise offer came last Friday almost out of thin air. Thanks to Mario "Crystal Ball" Cristobal vouching for his talents, LB/DE Justin Madison landed a Cane offer. He previously claimed offers from a few schools, although some would look at the list and be fairly unimpressed. Wake Forest would be the top offer on his list, and his likely destination, if not for the Miami offer. It still may be too late in the game to land him, although you have to think that if he is able to get down to campus for a mid-week visit, Miami stands a good chance. They are likely going to bring him on to play linebacker rather than defensive end.

The Jaynard Bostwick sweepstakes is starting to wrap up as he has named his final three of Miami, Florida, and Alabama. He has already visited Miami and Bama, and will be visiting UF this coming weekend. Out of those three, Florida was always the biggest threat, although many still seem to think that it would be surprising if he does not wind up at Miami. He would be a fantastic pickup, and with the current class of DT's, would be very much needed.

I'm only going to include this tidbit because, well, why the hell not. We all know that Keith Bryant has been playing the recruiting game like a fiddle for a long, long, LONG time. Well, it got even weirder over the weekend, with him telling one reporter that he was down to South Carolina and FSU, but then telling another than only he and another person knows where he is going (yes, he already knows), and that Miami was still in it. However, I've been told by a few people not to expect him in this class, and that he is likely FSU bound. A month or so ago, that would have been troubling. However, in my opinion, he isn't worth the headache that it seems he will bring.

To wrap up, Pete Ariz (of CaneInsight of course) provided his thoughts on the percentages of each remaining big name target:

Jermaine Grace 90%
Jaynard Bostwick 90%
Alex Collins 70%
Matthew Thomas 80%
Denver Kirkland 75%
Stacy Coley 65%
Keith Bryant 15%
Rashard Robinson 20%

Any questions? Leave em below!

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