Hurricanes Hoops News and Notes. 2/4/12

Grant Halverson

Food for thought for 'Canes basketball fans.

With an impressive 8-0 ACC start, one can't help but think what if Miami ran the table in the ACC? With the expanded schedule the 'Canes would be the first to do so over 18 games. But what teams have done it in the league's history? We got our research staff (me) on it and found the following:

UNC went 14-0 in 1957, in 84' (thank you Michael Jordan/James Worthy) and again in 87. Duke went 14-0 in 1963 and 16-0 in 99'. Former league member South Carolina went 14-0 in 1970, and NC State went 12-0 in 1973 and 1974 as well.

UM has a long long long way to go. But if they pull it off, they will be in rarefied air. Miami and #2 Florida of the SEC, are the only major D1 schools currently undefeated in conference play.........

Julian Gamble still leads all players in blocks per game in conference games at 2.8 bpg. But perhaps more eye popping then Gamble's penchant for clutch defense is his sudden ability to take the ball coast to coast. Big fella made like a young Vlade Divac and went the length of the floor not once but twice against NC State.......

The ACC as a whole, has 15 road wins. Miami, incredibly, has 5 of them. Coach Larranaga explained the road success this way,

"Well first of all it is very difficult to win on the road in any conference. I think the reason we have enjoyed the early-season success is because we have an older group. They've been through the ACC battles and for the last several years and they've done a very good job of preparing themselves."

With double digit come from behind wins on the road in Blacksburg and Raleigh in the same week, we'd say they are pretty well prepared coach.......

The return to form of Reggie Johnson this past weekend was a welcomed sight. Big Reg hit double figures for the first time since 12/18 against UCF. All 15 points (including the game winning tip in) and 8 rebounds were badly needed against the Pack. One game to keep an eye on as RJ returns to form is Miami's visit to Duke 3/2. The 'Canes will likely need the big fella to be in top form to beat what promises to be a very motivated Devils team in Cameron........

Had Rodney Purvis' 3/4 court prayer went down following Johnson's tip in, there is no way it would have counted. There was only .8 of a second left on the clock when Purvis catches the ball. He proceeds to take a two handed dribble, one long step, and heaves. Would the refs got out of Raleigh alive if they reversed it? Well let's just say it was a good thing for all involved that the shot rimmed out.......

For more on the Canes, enjoy the links below:

  • Miami's loss to Florida Gulf Coast seems like ages ago. Good thing we never panicked .

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