Preview: Miami Hurricanes Offensive Weapons

Our Running Back Future is Bright

Miami, known in its glory days for having NFL caliber speed at every skill position could potentially be back to form within the next 2 years. Envision this scenario, of course barring any catastrophic injury this upcoming season, and not taking into account possible redshirting. We retain the commitments of Joseph Yearby, and secure the commitment of Sony Michel (possibly a stretch but nonetheless we can hold on to some hope, regardless it shouldn't make a huge difference) to combine with the already blazing speed of our current backs in Duke Johnson and Dallas Crawford. These players (Duke and Dallas) should take huge steps forward in the 2013 season and by the time Yearby and hopefully Michel roll in they will still be improving to star levels. I have still yet to mention the possible emergence of Corn Elder as another speedster. He has a good skill set however his playing time could run from short to nonexistent with the other superior talent we have accumulated, maybe he'll be good at basketball. All of this speed combined with the battering rams of Danny Dillard and Gus Edwards should provide a group of running backs as formidable as any group in recent college football. Theses players aren't exactly Clinton Portis, Willis McGahee, and Frank Gore but the future is still bright. The development of these players combined with the natural talent they possess will be key in hopefully elevating the U back to being known as Running Back U.

2014 - Hypothetical Running Backs

  • Duke Johnson (Jr.)
  • Dallas Crawford (Jr.)
  • Danny Dillard (So. RS)
  • Corn Elder (So.)
  • Gus Edwards (So.)
  • Joseph Yearby (Fr.)
  • Sony Michel (Fr.)

Equally Bright is the Future of our Receiving Corps

With this in mind as a 2014 outlook we're saying goodbye to Allen Hurns, however the void should be filled without a hitch. This is assuming that either Rashawn Scott or Phillip Dorsett don't have an enormous break-out year and go on to the NFL early. I see Scott as the Number 1 guy, followed by Dorsett, Malcolm Lewis, and Herb Waters. This could honestly fall in any number of combinations, and realistically I see everyone playing snaps spread pretty evenly to maximize all of the different options we have. And believe me, there are many. For instance I failed to even mention Stacy Coley, which I now feel dumb for. He could potentially be the Number 1 guy. It wouldn't be outlandish to see guys like Robert Lockhart, Jontavious Carter, or D'Mauri Jones become contributing factors. The point is, we're insanely deep at receiver, and this isn't even taking into account possible recruits. Each one of these guys has a key skill, whether it be deadly speed, good hands, or pure size/ athleticism. The key to who earns valuable snaps will be who can put it all together and fully realize their potential. I have faith that all of these guys have the tools to bring Miami back to being a contender.

2014 - Hypothetical Receivers

  • Rashawn Scott (Sr.)
  • Phillip Dorsett (Sr.)
  • Malcolm Lewis (Jr.)
  • Herb Waters (Jr.)
  • Stacy Coley (So.)
  • Jontavious Carter (So. RS)
  • D'Mauri Jones (So. RS)
  • Ermon Lane (Fr.) - Possible Recruit

The puzzling question is who will throw them the ball?

Yes even I realize looking this far into the future isn't exactly practical considering the 2013-2014 season hasn't even started yet, and we have yet to hear anything about potential sanctions but the U is on the rise and once the sleeping giant is awakened the rest of college football better watch out.

We at SOTU are not responsible for the content posted in this section. I mean, we're responsible for the good stuff that gets posted in this section. That was totally us. Beyond that, we take no responsibility whatsoever.

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