Quick Miami Roster/Recruiting Numbers Update


OK, so with the fact that it's only June 25th and Miami has 17 commitments in the 2014 class, there has been a lot of folks worried that the class is filling up way too fast with not a lot of big name players. Well, I'm here to give you a quick update on where the team stands for not only 2013, but what we can expect from the rest of the 2014 recruiting year as well.

To begin with, we will be just fine for 2013. Assuming everyone in last year's class makes it in to school (which, admittedly, is a pretty big if), and counting Julio Derosier who plans on arriving in the Fall, Miami will be at 83 scholarship players. This is 2 under the NCAA limit of 85, so yes, Miami could potentially add more players for 2013 if they are available. Here's a breakdown:

QB: Morris, Williams, Crow, Dewey, Thompson, Olsen
RB: Duke, Clements, Dillard, Crawford, Edwards, Elder, Lewis
FB: Haggens
WR: Dorsett, Hurns, Scott, Waters, Lewis, Carter, Jones, Coley, Griffin
OT: Bunche, Henderson, Flowers, Gadbois, Odogwu
OG: Linder, Feliciano, Isidora, Wells, Gall
C: McDermott, Wheeler, Knighton
TE: Walford, Sandland, Cleveland, O'Donnell, Dobard
DT: Porter, Pierre, Robinson, Grimble, Moore, Ivery, King
DE: Chickillo, Green, Cain, Hamilton, Hoilett, Dye, Perry, Kamalu, AQM, Derosier
LB: Perryman, Gaines, Kirby, Cornelius, Armbrister, McCord, Blue, Figueroa, Grace, Bond, Tucker
CB: Gunter, Howard, Crawford, Hope, Dortch, Burns
S: Bush, Jenkins, Rodgers, Highsmith, Carter, Lockley
K/P: Goudis, O'Donnell

Now, as for the 2014 class. The NCAA limits the amount of scholarships that can be given out in any given year to 28. Technically, 25 is the actual rule, but they allow for a few extra spots since attrition is part of the process (for the purpose of this piece, we will stick with the limit of 25). Additionally, if Miami has recruits that are able to enroll early, then those recruits will not count against the limit of 25, instead counting against the same limit from the previous year.

For example: Miami's 2013 class maxed out at 19 recruits. This is 6 under the limit of 25. This means that, if they are able to, Miami can bring in a total of 31 recruits, or 25 + 6 who enroll early.

You may be asking yourself, "Well, if they do that, then how could they possibly meet the NCAA's limit of 85 scholarship players?" Well, after this year, Miami expects to lose a total of 18 scholarship roster spots to graduation. Assuming a final scholarship roster total of 83, that would leave us with 65 players. That, of course, does not factor in any players that choose to leave school early for the NFL draft or players who transfer to other schools.

Obviously, 31 is more than 18, so there would be some attrition that would have to occur in order for Miami to get to the correct number. However, that would be something to worry about around this time next year, when it will become more clear just how many of those 31 will not qualify, who has transferred, etc.

The main point here, is that even though 17 is a large number for this early in the recruiting process, there are still 14 theoretical spots left open for all those shiny recruits you so desperately want. So don't worry.

Editor's Note: As for the NCAA, if they choose to levy scholarship penalties against Miami for the Shapiro mess, those penalties would likely take effect with the 2015 class, as we will be into at least August by the time they decided on the penalties.

We at SOTU are not responsible for the content posted in this section. I mean, we're responsible for the good stuff that gets posted in this section. That was totally us. Beyond that, we take no responsibility whatsoever.

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