College Football Picks with a Canes Bias

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

I've been to 35+ stadiums, have a Canes bias, and I'm ready to win. Expect 10-15 picks a week, Stadium Stories, and detailed previews of games across the country. Canes and ACC odds included.

College football is the best sport in America. I am a die-hard Miami fan and am very excited to be joining State of the U. For the last decade, I have averaged seeing nine games a year across the country. I've been to more than 35 stadiums, which gives me a unique perspective on the sport and game-day experiences.

After deciding to move back to South Florida earlier this year, the first thing I did was buy Miami season tickets. 2013 will be a great year for Canes fans. I will be picking games against the spread twice a week during the season. I hope you enjoy the posts and come along for the ride.

I'm thrilled that the season is rapidly approaching. While most people go out on Saturday nights in the summer, I'm re-watching games from 2012 or evaluating 2013 spring games. We will soon be able to focus on how players perform on the field, instead of over analyzing their late night tweets.

We will finally be able to be discuss why a head coach punted on 4th and 1, instead of caring what he said at an off-season booster function. Despite the multi-year effort of SI and Mark Emmert, the Nevin Shapiro saga is nearing its conclusion. The final year of the BCS is upon us, bring on the four-team playoff.

What to expect from me this season

1. 10-15 picks a week, with extremely volatile results. Just as my confidence starts to build after a winning Saturday, I'll be slammed back to earth with an epic 4-11 result the following week. I will blow more calls than Randy Shannon and Terry Porter combined. The criticism and angry comments will come my way, but I won't flee the punishment like Chip Kelly. I'm a big boy and can take the heat. Touchdowns scored in the final minute to cut the winning margin to 14 will suddenly mean a lot more to you.

2. I will never pick against Miami. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I took any amount of pleasure in a poor performance by the Canes. Besides Miami games, expect relatively unbiased picks and analysis of teams and match-ups across the country. I expect push back if I ever take Florida, Notre Dame, or Ohio State, but winning is my primary focus.

3. Spend your Tuesdays with the Sun Belt. My goal is to get you to watch and care about the result when Louisiana Lafayette battles Western Kentucky on Tuesday October 15th. The fighting Bobby Petrino's have the early edge. Weeknight games are my specialty and you'll find yourself watching more MAC football than you would've ever imagined.

4. Expect stories from my extensive game schedule that will have me seeing 11-12 games in person. Many of those involve the Hurricanes and I am expecting a huge season from Al Golden's veteran offense. Come out to Sun Life and support our team. Make sure you are in good enough physical shape to withstand the heat on September 7th for our noon game with the Gators. While my travel arrangements aren't as complicated as Edward Snowden's, trips to Athens, Tallahassee, Tampa, and Pittsburgh are on tap in 2013.

Here are some early lines to get you ready for the season. I will be posting my picks for Overall Win Totals in the coming weeks.

Miami +2.5 vs Florida

Miami -10 at South Florida

Miami -7 vs Georgia Tech

Miami PK at North Carolina

Odds to win the ACC

  1. Clemson +230
  2. Florida State +230
  3. Miami +550
  4. North Carolina +590
  5. Georgia Tech +850
  6. Virginia Tech +975
  7. Pittsburgh +2500
  8. Maryland +5000
  9. Virginia +5500
  10. NC State +7000
  11. Boston College +7000
  12. Syracuse +7000
  13. Duke +12000
  14. Wake Forest +12500
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