Daily Drizzle (June 3rd, 2013)

Hey all! Looks like the Dyron Dye situation involving the NCAA investigative took an interesting turn.. Let's get to it!!

Here's a brief synopses from Coach Dimare on how the Diamond Canes played to finish off the season last weekend in the NCAA Tournament..

Former Cane Jim Kelly was diagnosed with Cancer in his jaw. He says the end prognosis is positive. Good luck and get better soon Jim!..,0,7220176.story

Looks like the ACC bowl schedule is upgrading in competition in many of the larger, more important bowls. More competition, better games, MOE' MONEY/PRESTIGE!!..

Looks like one of our new QB prospects, Brad Kaaya, is getting some love from the big scouting camps. The Elite 11 QB Camp contacted him today about and he's already been invited to "The Opening" which is hosted by Nike. Both camps are good teaching sessions for the kids and gains them added exposure. From all reports though he looks like a solid commit. We'll see when it comes feb..,0,

And now time to talk about the Dyron Dye situation that has been brewing the last 10 days or so.. Dye filed an Incident Report against the investigator who interrogated on behalf of the NCAA. He is claiming that he was forced to answer certain ways so that his eligibility at the time of the incident would stay viable. However, now that he is being questioned a third time due to abnormalities in his two previous testimonies, he's claiming that he was pressured into saying "what they wanted to hear." This is a really tough situation to judge.. On one hand you have this current player as well as others (J12 and Olivier Vernon) saying they were pressured by the same person as well. On the other hand however, from the testimony, it reads that his lawyer was in the room during the interrogation. To be honest, I'm surprised this hasn't grabbed SOME national attention but I guess we'll have to see how this plays out..

Coach Golden held his first summer camp on Sunday and 330 kids showed up to practice like a Cane. In the link are the notable recruits that are of high value to the Canes or have already committed.

Stay classy Canes fans!


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