Canes Camp Week 3: 8/18 The new guys get to speak

Stacy Coley: More than a swagg hat - Dorseyitis SOTU

Week three of camp starts on the heels of this weekends Canes Fest and Fridays big scrimmage. Who made an impression who is hurt and the new defensive transfers get a chance to talk to the media.


Courtesy UM

· Sunday was the Hurricanes’ fourth two-a-days session of #CanesCamp.


· Both practices were held on the UM intramural fields, while the grounds crew worked on the Greentree Practice Fields.

· Players wore full pads for Sunday’s two-hour morning session and tops with shoulder pads during the 90-minute afternoon practice.

· Junior DL David Perry and freshman OL Alex Gall wore yellow (non-contact) jerseys for Sunday’s practices.

· During the morning session, senior QB Stephen Morris threw three TD passes to freshman WR Stacy Coley. On the third TD, freshman LB Alex Figueroa tipped Morris’ pass, but Coley caught the deflection in stride for the score.

· Morris also connected with junior WR Phillip Dorsett for a TD on a long play over the top.

· Figueroa and senior DE David Gilbert both registered non-contact sacks.

Senior DE David Gilbert on coming home to South Florida…

"Coming back home, being around my family and having a support system, is priceless. It’s something I didn’t really get at Wisconsin and I wasn’t able to appreciate having my parents right there."

Senior DT Justin Renfrow on how he ended up at UM…

"I graduated from UVA and needed a new situation and a new change. Coach Golden had recruited me along with Coach (D’Onofrio) out of high school because I’m originally from Philly. They recruited me to Temple and it just so happened they still needed D-Linemen here and I ended up coming here. It’s been a great situation and a great opportunity."

Mark D’Onofrio on offseason recruiting…

"We didn't stop from signing day until a week ago. We didn't stop continuing to try to upgrade our team if we could. And that's our job and (the players) understand that."

D’Onofrio on defensive competition…

"There are a ton of battles. There aren't many positions that are locked up. There are always going to be battles. When you get in the position where guys think they have a spot, that's when you're not a very good team. When they get comfortable and say, 'OK, this is my spot,' then we've got problems. When you have competition every day and they have to fight for their position, you've got a chance to improve."

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