Celebrating 'Canes Gritty Season, plus lots of Highlights

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Reflecting on an interesting year for Hurricanes Hoops.

N.C.State defeated the 'Canes last night in the second round of the ACC Tournament, effectively ending UM's season.

No, the NIT is not going to happen.

But despite the abrupt conclusion, there is no reason for anyone around the program to hang their heads.

You would be hard pressed to ever find a more celebrated 17-16 season, especially among a fan base that is widely known for its'  sometimes fickle yet always demanding nature.

And across social media today the tone is one of appreciation.

Appreciation for a team that overachieved despite impossible to overcome roster turnover and untimely injuries.

As well as recognition that even on the days where they couldn't make a bucket, the effort was always there.

Additionally, UM supporters are expressing gratefulness today for a coaching staff that showed incredible resourcefulness and aptitude to adapt, in order to get the very most they could out of this team.

Individual players like senior Rion Brown, who doubled his previous career high ppg average (15.5 to 7.2), and really thrived as the team's go-to guy, are also being lauded.

Not to mention the human highlight reel himself, senior Erik Swoope, who after spending the better part of three + years on the bench became a player that was at the top of opponents scouting reports the past few weeks.

Garrius Adams may have had a uneven final season in Coral Gables, but he too deserves the same support for overcoming one devastating injury after another, to become a key member of this year's squad.

Manu Lecomte and Davon Reed closed out their freshman seasons strong, as did sophomore big man Tonye Jekiri, giving Miami a strong base for the future.

All in all, the feeling today around the program is one of positivity.

This is a group that not much was expected from.  Perhaps had they won a few close games early in the season they could have seriously made some noise.

Nonetheless they captured the imagination of fans with their grit, resourcefulness, determination, and above all unselfish play.

And that is truly what any good team is all about, regardless of any shortcomings.

Next season the expectations are going to be a lot higher, but for now we should all reflect back on what a fun season this year was.

And for those who are bummed out anyway:

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