Path to the Storm: Scrimmage, Sweeps and BaneCat

Sebastian is ready for some CANES news!! - John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

The purpose of this segment is to bring attention to the developments of our foes around the ACC, accompanied by appearances from our rivals and other top programs. If you are able to find anything else pertaining to the league that I failed to include please post the source in the comments section.


Brief Notes on the First Scrimmage from Beat Writer Barry Jackson []_[] Miami Herald

There's a few other notes in their too about the local teams but it looks like rushing had a banner day and the passing game was efficient. We really don't know though because the actual game play was closed off to the public.

Baseball Team Complete's Sweep of Wolf Pack []_[] Sun Sentinel

I honestly give up trying to figure this team out. They go out midweek and lose to teams like Stetson and UCF and then during pivotal games against ACC opponents they get a sweep. Who know's what we'll see on Wednesday against Bethune-Cookman.

All Quiet on the Hurricane Front []_[] ACC Blog by ESPN

Andrea Adelson remarks about how this is the first offseason that the Miami Hurricanes have been "event free" when it comes to NCAA allegations/issues in over three seasons. Coach Al Golden seems to be relieved and so are the fans!

Stacy Coley Looks to Fill the Void at Wide Out []_[] Sun Sentinel

Allen Hurns had a quiet record breaking year last season with over 1,100 yards receiving. Besides Stacy Coley, who will step up to replace that production? I guess we'll start to find out as these scrimmages and practice progress..

Spring Practice Stock Report []_[] Bleacher Report

Here's a breakdown of all things Canes in Tweets, Youtube Highlights and status updates brought to you by social media. WARNING: the two minute drill "helmet cam" may cause motion sickness, please be advised :)

UM Helps "Be The Match" Registry []_[] UM Official Home Page

The Canes are again helping the "Be The Match" Registry in an event that helps register participants to be possible bone marrow donors in the future.

ACC News

AD's React to News That Player Unions Can Be Formed In College Athletics []_[] ACC Blog by ESPN

All parties involved knew this initial process of forming the Unions would be complicated and tedious but what about the financial aspects that go along with it? Are players going to have to actually pay to be in the Union? Also, if this is encompassing all sports, not just football, this could very much have a ripple effect on all college level sports.


Jose Fernandez Leads the Charge on Opening Day []_[] Miami Herald

When the 21 year old steps to the mound today he'll be in elite company with... old guys. As most of the heralded starting pitchers going this afternoon and evening are 30-35+ in age. Here's looking at you, kid!

Youtube Clip of the Week

Bane Cat

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