Predicted Roster for 2014 Canes(Post Spring Game Edition)

If you read my topic a month ago, then here's the same thing, except updated to the current progress of the team, cleaned up a bit, and changes made up to this point that makes this prediction a little easier to make. This is my amateur projection of how the 2014-2015 Canes Roster will be come Week 1. As in the last one, if you have any solid disagreements as to why something should be changed, please feel free to comment.


1.Ryan Williams(If miraculously healthy)

2. Kevin Olsen

2. Brad Kaaya

3. Gray Crow

3. Malik Rosier


1. Duke Johnson(Go Vikes !)

2. Joseph Yearby

3. Gus Edward

3. Trayone Gray

4. De'Andre Johnson


1.Walter Tucker

2. Ronald Regula


1. Clive Walford

2. Beau Sandland

2. Standish Dobard

3. Jake O'Donnell

4. Ryheem Lockley

4. Chris Herndon

Red Shirted - David Njoku


1. Stacey Coley

2. Malcolm Lewis

2. Phillip Dorsett

3. Rashawn Scott

4. D'Mauri Jones

4. Malik Mayweather

4. Greg Golden

Red Shirted - Darrell Langham , Tyre Brady


1. Malcolm Lewis

1. Herb Waters

2. Braxton Berrios


1. Shane Mcdermott

2. Alex Gall

2. Nick Linder


1. John Feliciano

1. Danny Isidora

2. Hunter Wells

2. Hunter Knighton

3. Trevor Darling


1.Ereck Flowers(Go Vikes!)

1. Taylor Gadbois

2. Kc McDermott

2. Sunny Odogwu


1.Olsen Pierre

1. Earl Moore

1. Corey King

2. Jelani Hamilton

2. Calvin Heurtelu

3. Michael Wyche

3. Anthony Moten

4. Courtel Jenkins


1. Anthony Chikillo

2. Umfamba Camalu

3. Chad Thomas

4. Dwayne Hoilett


1. Al-Quadin Muhammad

2. Tyriq McCord

2. Trent Harris

3. Demetrius Jackson


1. Alex Figueroa

2. Thurston Armbrister

3. Darrion Owens


1. Raphael Kirby

2. Jermaine Grace

3. Mike Smith


1. Denzel Perryman

2. Juwon Young

3. JaWand Blue


1. Tracy Howard

1. Artie Burns

2. Antonio Crawford

2. Nate Dortch

3. Corn Elder

3. Ryan Mayes

4. Ladarius Gunter

Red Shirted - Ray Lewis lll


1. Deon Bush

2. Dallas Crawford

3. Marquise Gayot


1. Rashawn Jenkins

2. Jamal Carter

3. Nantambu Fentress

3. Kiy Hester


1. Matt Goudis

2. Josh Bacon(K)

2. Ricky Carrol(P)

Roster Information Courtesy of: and and the outdated

Repeated Numbers Indicate Position Batles and/or Left and Right Side Starters.

QB Position is still in turmoil. Not much to say.

RB Same outlook as before, Walter Tucker working hard in the spring, could be a good small yardage back. Gus Edwards isn't backing down to matching the expected skill set brought by Joseph Yearby. Update: After reading up on an article from April 10 Sun Sentinel, Trayone Gray will be competing for his spot on the roster as a RB, assuming he is kept here, Either 2 things will happen In my opinion; He will be given some ingame carries to break him into the collegiate game maybe during Game 2 against FAMU and see what performance he has, or Canes are preparing for an early departure of Duke Johnson and will red shirt Trayone, so that way they can return next year with a few RB's on the roster that are familiar with the scene, and also have to worry less about getting 2-3 RB's in 2015's draft class.

TE With little change for an important position, i have a feeling(with no facts or evidence to back it up) That incoming TE David Njoku could end up being redshirted while Canes work with what they have already.

OL Couldn't be more exited to see how it turns out. Much potential in the group as a whole and sprinkled around with both young and experience players. Unfortunately we will have to wait for the full group to be healthy and practicing to see what happens with the lineup. Thank God for Early Enrollment.

WR Some would say that it's quite obvious how this will play out. Other then Stacey Coley being on top, i think it's still a good chance to see someone grow out of expectations. In addition, i think no matter what happens, this position will be thankfully deep, and i project that one of the incoming freshman recruits will be Red Shirted.

DL Not much to say about this group since i'm personally unfamiliar. Though I am expecting a much more improved line. I also think this position will be more mature and make less mistakes on assignments, with everyone trying their hardest to prove not only efficient, but knowledge of their role in order to win the starting job.

LB These guys changed around a bit in roles and positions but it shouldn't mean much since it's not like they were all spectacular last year, according to reports they are the hardest working group who have alot to prove. Spring game displayed only the best out of these guys.

DB/S Not much to say here either, hope for the best since I can't personally judge them off the spring game, from the fact that the QB play wasn't too good itself. Not a negative though, hopefully Dallas Crawford can be better then pre-season expectations.

We at SOTU are not responsible for the content posted in this section. I mean, we're responsible for the good stuff that gets posted in this section. That was totally us. Beyond that, we take no responsibility whatsoever.

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