30 NFL Teams on Hand for #UMProDay

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

30 of 32 NFL teams will be represented

Courtesy UM

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Scouting personnel from 30 NFL and three CFL teams attended the Miami Hurricanes Pro Timing Day held Thursday at the Hecht Athletic Center. Nineteen Hurricanes seniors from the 2013 team participated in Thursday’s drills.

UM Pro Day began at 9:30 a.m. with participants undergoing physical testing in the Squillante Strength & Conditioning Center for height, weight, vertical jump, broad jump and 225-pound rep test. The second portion of #UMProDay featured the 40-yard dash, 20- and 60-yard shuttle runs, L drills and position drills.


NAMES                          POS        HT          WT         40           VERT        BENCH     L DRILL      BROAD

ft-in        lbs          sec          in              reps         sec             ft-in

Eduardo Clements             RB           5-9.2      192        4.72       31.0         10            7.35           9-4

Asante Cleveland               TE           6-4.6      261        4.88       32.5         20            7.33           9-8

Tyrone Cornileus                LB           6-1.5      218        4.73       32.5         23            7.18           9-8

Akil Craig                          LB           6-0.1      233        4.91       27.0         20            7.46           8-8

Jimmy Gaines                     LB           6-1.1      232        4.77       33.0         18            7.75           9-8

David Gilbert                      DL           6-3.5      258        4.94       31.5         28            7.44           9-11

Shayon Green                     DL           6-1.3      255        4.58       29.5         34            7.49           9-1

Maurice Hagens                 FB           5-10.6    246        5.05       27.0         30            7.76           8-0

Seantrel Henderson           OL           6-7.1      339        5.15       28.0         23            8.15c         8-6

AJ Highsmith                      DB          5-10.6    198        4.79       31.5         21            7.03           9-8

Allen Hurns                         WR         6-1.2      194        4.55       31.0         14c           7.23c         10-0c

Brandon Linder                   OL           6-5.7      311        5.35c      26.5         30c           7.77           8-3c

Stephen Morris                  QB          6-2.0      211        4.63c      30.0c        -                7.36c         9-2c

Pat O’Donnell                     P             6-4.2      220        4.64c      30.5c        23c           -                  -

Curtis Porter                       DL           6-0.6      315        5.29       28.0         30            -                  8-4

Justin Renfrow                    DL           6-3.7      305        5.25       33.0         19            7.74           8-8

Luther Robinson                 DL           6-2.7      299        5.01       28.5         30            7.75           8-5

Kacy Rodgers II                   DB          6-1.3      213        4.55       32.0         26            7.06           9-11

Jared Wheeler                     OL           6-4.4      315        5.31       26.5         21            7.72           8-7

C = combine

Thirty of the NFL’s 32 teams were represented during Thursday’s Pro Day in Coral Gables, including Hurricanes legend and Green Bay Packers scout Alonzo Highsmith, former UM standout Rob Chudzinski of the Indianapolis Colts, former UM and current Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch, Miami Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey and Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin.


TEAM                           SCOUT/COACH

Arizona Cardinals                      Luke Palko

Atlanta Falcons                        Shepley Heard

Baltimore Ravens                         Andy Weidl

Buffalo Bills                          CJ Leak

Carolina Panthers                       Jeff Beathard

Cincinnati Bengals                        Paul Alexander

Cleveland Browns                         Patrick Moore

Dallas Cowboys                        Walter Juliff

Denver Broncos                        Nick Schiralli

Detroit Lions                          David Sears

Detroit Lions                          James Harris

Green Bay Packers                        Alonzo Highsmith

Houston Texans                         Brian Gaine

Indianapolis Colts                          Jamie Moore

Indianapolis Colts                          Rob Chudzinski

Jacksonville Jaguars                        Jedd Fisch

Jacksonville Jaguars                        Tim Mingey

Kansas City Chiefs                         Dom Green

Miami Dolphins                       Adam Engroff

Miami Dolphins                       Blue Adams

Miami Dolphins                       Chase Leshin

Miami Dolphins                       Chris Buford

Miami Dolphins                       Chris Grier

Miami Dolphins                       Dennis Hickey

Miami Dolphins                       Joe Philbin

Miami Dolphins                       Joe Schoen

Miami Dolphins                       John Benton

Miami Dolphins                       Kacy Rodgers

Miami Dolphins                       Max Gruder

Minnesota Vikings                        Ryan Monnens

New England Patriots                       Frantzy Jourdain

New Orleans Saints                         Brian Adams

New Orleans Saints                         Josh Lucas

New York Giants                         Chris Mara

New York Giants                         Jerry Reese

New York Jets                           Jay Mandolesi

New York Jets                           Mike Devlin

Oakland Raiders                        Joey Clinkscales

Oakland Raiders                        Zack Crockett

Philadelphia Eagles                         Justin Peelle

Philadelphia Eagles                         Rick Mueller

Pittsburgh Steelers                       Dan Rooney Jr.

Pittsburgh Steelers                       Mike Butler

San Diego Chargers                       Jim Jauch

San Francisco 49ers                          Justin Chabot

Seattle Seahawks                       Jim Nagy

Seattle Seahawks                       Tom Cable

St. Louis Rams                           Sean Gustus

Tampa Bay Buccaneers                     Byron Kiefer

Tennessee Titans                         Tim Ruskell

B.C. Lions (CFL)                          Ryan Rigmaiden

Montreal Alouettes (CFL)                          Jean-Marc Edme

Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)                          Mesene Louisdor

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