Jim Morris and players speak about team's current success


Miami Hurricanes head baseball coach Jim Morris as well as players Zach Collins, David Thompson and Bryan Radziewski spoke to the media regarding the team's current success. Collins shares his insight on getting over his early season slump and Thompson says he's "optimistic" about making a comeback.

On Thursday, Hurricanes head baseball coach Jim Morris praised his freshmen phenoms, Willie Abreu, Zach Collins and Bryan Garcia for their major contributions made to the team this year.

In his interview below, Morris gave his appreciation for how crucial Garcia has been to the team's success. "If you don't have a closer that's dominant, then you don't win," said an emphatic Morris. Garcia currently stands 5th in the nation in saves with 13.

Starting pitcher Bryan Radziewski also spoke about Garcia's success. "We saw what he had and we needed to take him under our wing," said Radziewski. "We spoke to him about having that mindset of a closer and it's worked out great for him."

As for Zach Collins, Morris said he's loved the way he's been swinging the bat after starting the year off with an abysmal slump of 1 for 27.

Collins shared his insight as to how he went from dud to stud at the plate. "Every day no matter what, I had a good attitude," said the freshman, who leads the team in hits and homeruns. "I changed some things mechanically, like getting on top of the ball and hitting it in the infield."

Radziewski also showed appreciation for what Collins has had to overcome . "The rookies finally got their feet wet and got ready to go," said Radziewski. "Willie Abreu and Zach Collins are a big part of our lineup, Collins was batting 'one ninety something' and now he leads our team in hitting."

Collins said he did the math on what his batting average would be without going 1 for 27. Looking down and smiling the catcher said ..."387 man."

As for the players off the field, injured third baseman David Thompson was asked about his untimely arm injury. "It sucks that I finally started playing well again and had to get another surgery," said Thompson. "It hurt, I was down for a while, but I'm better now."

Thompson says he's feeling better and is hopeful about playing again, but it all depends on medical clearance and Coach Morris. "If I feel like I'm ready, then 'll talk to him [Morris] about playing."

The six-foot-two 207 pound sophomore was dealt a rough hand after starting college with injuries in both football and baseball. "I feel like I haven't gotten a break since getting to college," said Thompson. "But I know that God is good and he'll be behind me the whole way."

The Hurricanes take on Alabama St. in game one of the three game series this Friday. Although it's finals week at UM, Morris hopes his players will be mentally ready for the game as they prepare for the homestretch of the season.

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