Projecting 'Canes Hoops Possible Starting Line-Ups

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Way too early look at what Miami's Starting 5 Combos could look like.

The Miami Hurricanes Men's Basketball Program likely has its' roster set for the next two seasons.

Cool.  One less thing to worry about.  All the more reason they can really hone in on the current roster and the 2016 class as well.

In the immediate future they also have a team building 10 day  trip to Spain where they will play 4 exhibition games against professional club teams in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. 10 days of practice proceed the trip.

And while that excursion and the practices that follow Midnight Madness will also likely play a huge role in who ends up getting the most PT, it is fun to prognosticate nonetheless.

Here are a few projected starting 5's and the strengths and weaknesses of each:

Combo 1:

C - Tonye Jekiri

PF Ivan Cruz Uceda

SF Sheldon McClellan

SG Deandre Burnett

PG Angel Rodriguez

Overview: This is a line-up that gives Miami a lot of size up front with Uceda and Jekiri down low, but also features a smallish back court.  Pound for pound though (depending on how quickly Uceda adjusts) this is arguably the most well-rounded unit. Angel would have plenty of options on whom to distribute the ball to in this group.

Combo 2:

C- Jekiri

PF - McClellan

SF - Davon Reed

SG - Burnett

PG - Rodriguez

Overview: Take away some size and substitute speed and skill with this line-up.  4 very fast and skilled perimeter players surrounding Jekiri, gives Miami not shortage of handlers and creates havoc for opponents with a pressure style. However, would the group be able to rebound enough to stay on the floor?

Combo 3:

C- Jekiri

PF Uceda

SF Reed

SG McClellan

PG Rodriguez

Overview: Potentially UM's biggest combination.  This group should be able to dominate the glass.  If they faced say Duke or UNC and Coach L was worried about being beat up down low, he could put this line-up together to counter.  Plus you'd have Burnett coming off the bench as pretty damn good sixth man.

Combo 4:

C - Uceda

PF - McCellan

SF - Burnett

SG - Rodriguez

PG - Lecomte

Overview:  Let's call this group the Paul Westhead dream unit.  Fun, run, and gun your way to three point heaven with Manu and Angel pushing the tempo all day long.  Hard to realistically imagine that the 'Canes most experienced big, Jekiri, comes off the bench. But you could see this line-up together in some situations during the season if Miami needs some triples.

Guys like Omar Sherman, JaQuan Newton,  and Joe Thomas could also find their way into the starting five at some point as well.  But more than likely (with the exception of Combo 4 maybe) these are the starting fives Miami will trot out in 2014-15.

Which group do you like best?

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