The "David Lee" Surprise

Does the hurricanes have the ability to possibly catch some people off guard with a SUCCESSFUL and possibly deadly David Lee scheme? Don't know what i'm talking about?

2008 Miami Dolphins QB Coach, who previously coached the Razorbacks when they had 2 dynamic backs in Felix Jones and Darren McFaden, previously caught the NFL by suprise and legitimately gave the dolphins a huge spark and bolstering offense when he added a few plays to the play book which included either Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams taking the snap...Yup that's the topic of this discussion.

Wildcat Triple Option Offense.



A wildcat formation ran as the picture above, with Duke Johnson taking the snap, Joseph Yearby to his left, Stacey Coley as a motion receiver ( Left ), Clive Walford in as the line TE, Beau Sandland as a Slot WR (Or Herb Waters) and Rashawn Scott on the outside.

-Beau Sandland as a Slot WR would therefore have a Big bodied pass threat for a RB pass, and also have a solid block against a CB or maybe LB for any run variations.


Stacey Motioning Across, Duke Johnson Hiking and having the option to either Off-Tackle Hand off(Right Side) to Yearby (who then runs down field to block if he doesnt get the ball). With Routes ran by the receivers, this should create an open field opportunity for Yearby to have to make a play on a LB and have about 10-20 yard spacing between him and the DB that would begin pursuing him

Sweep Right to Coley with a lead block provided by Walford Pulling Right and the OLine in a downfield blocking Scheme, Rashawn Scott Running down field in a Fly pattern to take his Man down field and possibly lure a safety in that direction, if Coley successfully makes it outside and about 5-10 yards passed the trench battle, he can cut back in the opposite direction ( like he did in the 72 yard reverse TD run), this would be to avoid the CB and possibly safety pulled over by the deep threat receiver.

Solo Option of Duke Johnson allowing Coley to pull the defense to the right expecting a sweep and Yearby down field blocking the weak side, He would have to out run a DE, or weak side outside LB in a counter Left, if the LB/DE stays at home and secures the flat or outside containment, he could always just go the safe route and cut inside behind a tackle and gain 3-5 yards before the LB is in range to make the tackle.


All plays will begin by Stacey Coley Motioning. In pass calls, his motion would be cut off by a quick snap, and he would than take off downfield for a Comeback route.There will be a play action run provided by Joseph Yearby, who will then run a Block and Release, Swing Left. Walford will not block, but immediately proceed to running a 5 yard Hook route in Unison with Rashawn Scott, who will instead run a 5 yard Stop and Go. Slot Option Beau Sandland will run a 10 yard option route, If there is coverage in the middle he can run a in route all the way across the field, if the safety's split the field in order to provide backside coverage for Scott and weak side coverage for the Defense, he will run a post route towards the hopefully huge hole created in the middle.

Yea, i didn't forget that there is a RB in Duke Johnson having to make this throw, If the receivers get out side of his arm range, in which he has thrown the ball before, he can always tuck and run, assuming that the coverage is tight, there will probably be only a single zone LB as mentioned earlier for Duke Johnson to worry about.

I was extremely bored and this idea came about, so didn't think it was a bad idea to Fanpost about it, i don't actually expect this to be picked up by a coach or anything like that, but i did enjoy writing this talent displaying opportunity. Hopefully you all can comment some of your idea's for other ways of taking pressure off of the QB.

Edit: The snap option does not have to be Duke Johnson, it could also work good with converted Safety(And big threat high school QB) Dallas Crawford, or even incoming silent freshman and dual threat QB Malik Rosier.

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