Countdown to Hurricanes Hoops: Player Profile and Q&A, Bishop Daniels

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

One of two newcomers this year, the combo guard from Raleigh, North Carolina could be one of the 'Canes most exciting players.

Bishop Daniels came to Miami with a lot of promise. Unfortunately his freshman year ended before it started due to a foot injury. This year Daniels is determined to make up for lost time. The 6'2 guard is an electrifying athlete who can turn any play into a highlight reel.

Daniels has been slowed recently by a pulled hamstring, but is progressing nicely.

Here's our Q&A with the super quick redshirt freshman:

SOTU:Any new status on the hamstring? Are you fully practicing?

BD: I am back, participating in practice. Not fully, but I would say I will be back before any games start. Nothing serious, just precautionary.

SOTU: Besides dealing with not being able to play, did you gain any new perspective on the game watching from the bench last year? Did you get to practice at all?

BD: To answer the second part first, I did practice. I didn't start practicing until December last year, because of the foot injury. What I gained last year was I learned a whole lot of things. First of all, everything Coach L runs. What he does and doesn't want us to do. I was learning from players and coaches both how to be a lead guard. You have to know your personnel on the court. Who can do what on the floor and who can't.

SOTU: Do you see yourself more as a point? 2 guard? or combo?

BD: I am a combo guard. I'm not a shooting guard but then again I'm not a true point guard. I wouldn't say I'm a Chris Paul or anyone like that right now. But I could see myself making that transition as I develop.

SOTU: This may be the hardest question you have to answer this season, Who is faster, you or Shane Larkin?

BD: (Bishop laughs) I'd say in different areas, he's faster then me, in different areas I am faster then him.

SOTU - Being a little diplomatic on that one? (BD laughs) We also heard Erik Swoope is pretty fast?

BD: Oh yeah, he's real fast. He can get up and down the floor!

SOTU: Who is the most challenging player to match up with in practice?

BD: For me, because I play against them at my position everyday, Durand Scott and Shane Larkin. We battle it out. We make each other better. We go at each other so hard, we know we make each other better.

Thanks again to Bishop Daniels for letting us catch up with him. Watch out for the high flyer when the "Canes open the season November 9th, and through out the season. Here's a little taste of his explosiveness:

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