State of the U catches up with LB Recruit Juwon Young

Joel Auerbach

LB is a position of need for the Canes, and the 2014 class just got a good one out of Georgia in Juwon Young. See what JY has in store for his time in Coral Gables, below.

Our very own Lt Phillip Nolan recently broke the news about one of Al Golden's latest verbal commits, LB Juwon Young of Albany, GA.

Young is a 6 foot 2, 228 pound (!!!) beast of a line backer. In his last two year of high school, he has tallied 176 tackles, including 13 sacks. He covers the field well, and runs a 4.6 forty. Word is the kid LIVES in the weight room, and dreams about eating RBs for dinner in the future on Monday nights.

We caught up with the Big Fella and asked him the following:

SOTU: Juwon, first and foremost, Welcome to the U. Can you give us a little insight about the main reasons you decided to come to Miami? How big of a factor was Al Golden's camp?

JY: The main reason is because of academics. Classes are not that big so you have a lot more opportunity to interact with professors whereas state school you have 3 or 400 people per class.

Camp was big for me because the coaching staff got to see my work out. It gave them an extra chance to see me.

SOTU: Talk a little bit about Coach Golden. Can you tell us what separates Coach G and staff from other coaches you encountered in the recruiting process?

JY: Coach Golden is straight up! He's the truth. He talks about things like school itself and focusing on your future career. I'm really excited about playing for Coach. He's great, he's honest and enthusiastic.
SOTU: Is there a current NFL or College player you compare yourself to? What are your strengths and weaknesses on the field?

JY: I would compare myself to Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers because of how he moves for his size. My weakness as a LB is probably just dropping back in coverage.

Pass rush and pursuit against the run are my strengths. If I just work on covering a little bit, I'll be set.

SOTU: What are your individual and team goals for your time as a 'Cane?

JY: My individual goal is to graduate. My team goal is to win a championship!!

SOTU: Can you tell us a little about yourself off the field? What do you plan to study at Miami?

JY: I plan to study sports medicine. As far as my personality, I am just a easy going guy. I like to fish and I am an outdoors guy.

SOTU: Do you plan any more visits? On a 1-10 how firmly would you say you are committed to the University of Miami?

JY: I'd say I am very firmly committed to UM. On a 1-10 I'd say a 10!

SOTU: Lastly, any message for 'Canes fans out there?

JY: I would tell Canes fans GO CANES, and I would let them know I am here to make an impact.

Thanks again to Juwon for taking the time to speak with us. He certainly is a young man with his priorities in order, and has a world of potential.

Finally, some more highlights of Young in action:

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