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there will none of this on saturday, either.



baby J is out for wake forest. expect

a whole lotta damien berry and mike james. which is not a bad thing. 


update: there will be none of this either.

Armstrong_hit01_medium    Ray_ray_famu_hit03_medium    Ray_ray_famu_hit_02_medium

as ray ray is out with an injury to his "lower extremity". which is code for syphillis. or a leg injury. one of the two.

aaaaand last but not least, there will be none of this either:




as pat hill's ankle still resembles a male chick about 5 minutes after being sorted.


the rest of the injury report looks like this:

OL Joel Figueroa – Upper Extremity
K Matt Bosher - Illness

DB Ray-Ray Armstrong – Lower Extremity
FB Patrick Hill – Lower Extremity
RB Javarris James – Lower Extremity
DL Eric Moncur – Lower Extremity
DB JoJo Nicolas – Lower Extremity
LB Sean Spence – Lower Extremity

Surgery and Out for the Season
DL Dyron Dye – Lower Extremity
DL  Marcus Forston – Lower Extremity
LB Jordan Futch – Lower Extremity
TE Richard Gordon – Upper Extremity
LB Shayon Green – Lower Extremity
DE Gavin Hardin – Upper Extremity
DB Ryan Hill – Upper Extremity
DE Adewale Ojomo – Jaw