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Are You Shocked & Appalled That Miami Isn't On TV This Weekend?

It makes you want to just reach over and MushMouf the co-worker, you never liked anyways, right out of his squeaky lil chair but was always just waiting for something to justify that type of assault.  Well my Caniacs...consider co-worker Milton free game this week!!  Miami Hurricanes will not be on cable TV this weekend.  We still have a Prime Time game...umm well kinda sorta!  However!!  Not all is lost when it comes to the Canes.  Below are the two different modes available for you to watch the game against FAMU this Saturday at 7PM.  Click on either option to get mo' info'

For some the ESPN360 option will not be available.  It is dependent upon what internet service provider you have.  You can quickly check and see if its available by click the image above and select any of the recast.  The player will launch and start playing.....Or ESPN will give you a horrible case of chin-nuts (eck) and send you on your way.


As I have said before, All is not lost though, because FAMU airs all of their games online LIVE!  I have been going undercover as a Beat-Boxing Mime (yes Canes fans..I do this for you) on the FAMU campus to gather further intel on this new FAMCAST system.  Word on the street... is the quality feed is damn near HD Quality!