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SpongeBob Embraces Da "U" In Soul and Spirit

Since SpongeBob embraced Da "U" there has been buzz about SpongeBob getting into the studio and doing a collaboration for a hot new catchy Miami Hurricanes anthem that is hitting in the hoods while trying to make its way into the mainstream. Can SpongeBob give this track the push it needs to reach the promise land..... We leave it to you all to decide!!

This idea was spawned off...

on a suggestion made by GodShamgod (A fellow member of the to take SpongeBob and put him in the 7thfloor song.  As I quickly jammed together a hodgepog of images, videos and Spongey... The idea to run him in the Orange on One Side and Green On The Other seemed like it made much more sense.  However, you can't enjoy the masterpiece above without watching the motativation from whence it came.  So with no further ado:



Enjoy Caniacs!!!