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The Connect: Friday Half-Assed Brigadoon Edition

                                                                                                          all canes

FRESH MEAT! FRESH MEAT! We're horribly remiss recognizing the commitments and smiles of Storm Johnson (above), Eduardo Clements, Greg Dent, and Keion Payne. Each of them love America and hard work and their mothers and are powered by the sun.

All Canes will have the new Nike Pro Combat whites in store but not online. Interested in looking like a Gumby Stay-Puff? Here you go.

Burn: "Whip looked at me and said 'Man, you helped me a bunch,'" Pannunzio recalled of their encounter on Wednesday. "I said 'How is that?' He said, 'Man, I knew we couldn't punt, so I had to call good plays." Laugh? Cry? Sacrifice chicken? Sacrifice chicken.

PBP columnist David George takes a look at Shannon's rebuild and comes out gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. (Message boarders, of course, disagree, but message boarders are goddamn idiots.)

Oh, and tomorrow? Duke/Georgia Tech and the annual Bitch Bowl. Be here. The four of us could use you.

ps. Stat comes through with an mp3 of Randy's QAM interview, so you don't have to sit there like a toad with a browser window open. Three cheers!