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get your popcorn ready

we had the good fortune of attending the premiere of ESPN Films/ Rakontur's "The U" last night.




the short answer is that it was every bit as glorious as you might imagine.




favorite moments included:

"It's almost like being in a gang. Like 'oh you're a blood? You're crip? Yeah, I'm a 'Cane." -Jeremy Shockey

"We were better than them [Florida State], but we respected them... Because unlike the Gators they actually kept us on the schedule." -Lamar Thomas

"Paying players for making big plays?!?!? (pause) Nahhhhhhhhh man, I wouldn't never do nothing like that." -Luther Campbell

 "It wasn't no conspiracy. Or the media. We were just baaad boys who enjoyed being bad." -Michael Irvin 

more pics after the jump