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brian butler is not a crook

brian butler, failed rapper, boiler room operater call center manager,  svengali  exploiter of underprivileged black youth  and "advisor" to upcoming collge football recruits, wants you all to know that he is not nearly as shady as the new york times has made him out to be.

according to his website, butler (pictured below) is a far cry from the snake oil selling, walking ncaa violation that parents   coaches   hurricanes fans  the liberal new york jew media believes him to be. rather... butler says he is providing a vital and necessary role in providing mentoring and guidance to impressionable young athletes who would otherwise be exploited and taken advantage of by someone else.

as butler explains, he is simply trying to prevent these innocent youngsters from being steered down the wrong path. because if these wide eyed little cherubs were, in fact, to be exploited and manipulated by someone other than butler... well logically this makes it extraordinarily difficult for butler to profit off them . so take THAT, new york times.


(brian butler reviews game plans for bryce brown's under armor all-american game. photo - AP )