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The Connect: 02/12/09

Unlike Glenn Sharpe, this never gets old.  Not much news right now (seriously, will this John-Lovett-as-new-DC thing EVER get an official confirmation?) so we're bumping this from the archives of our hearts.  Viva Catlab, mayheliveforever.

He is evil, and must be destroyed. Rick Reilly done messed with my boy, saying that Antrel Rolle cost the Cards the Super Bowl by stepping onto the field and causing Larry Fitzgerald to run into him and miss tackling James Harrison on a 100-yard interception return.

Why is nobody talking about Antrel Rolle! All he did was lose the Super Bowl for the Cardinals! ...Rolle should go down as one of the Super Bowl's grandest goats—along with Jackie Smith (bad hands), Scott Norwood (bad kick) and Eugene Robinson (bad girl). Hey Antrel, your Rolle is to get the hell out of the way!

Hey, Rick Reilly, your "Rolle" (good one!) is to eat a bag of dicks.  Perhaps Antrel was in the paint (youtube), but perhaps Kurt Warner shouldn't have thrown into coverage like an asshole or the OC called a better play.  Or - and I know this concept is tough - perhaps the Cardinals could have played football well enough for the entirety of the game to win.

ps. Nice VEST, cockwart.

Clint Hurtt: BEAST MODE.  Manny Navarro talks to Recruiting Coordinator and adorable jolly face Clint Hurtt about this year's class, and next's. A couple things stand out here: of the 19 signees, only 6 had roots in South Florida, which means Hurtt was in full-on Beast Mode this year.  Also: Jamal Reid was plucked from 80 miles out of Tallahassee, and 45 from Gainesville. In spring of his 10th grade year, he was coming off two 1,000-yard receiving seasons, with 13 combined INTs.  Hello, lovely!