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The Connect: 02/26/09

More tidbits NOM NOM NOM 

  • Former Cane Ed Reed attended yesterday's practice. Signees Billy Sanders and Stephen Plein also watched on for the second day in a row. 
  • Vaughn Telemaque is settling in with the first team.
  • Tommy Streeter's wrist injury - torn ligament and misplaced bone - is still somewhat nagging but he is anxious to catch up. He said that he often cried during games last season - especially when UM was down - out of frustration that he couldn't play. [That makes two! Speaking of Gavin Hardin, word is he is quite intense in practice as well. Love!] 
  • Ryan Hill is now playing corner, which he intended to play at UM before being moved to wide receiver then safety thanks to depth issues. 
  • Taylor Cook has gained 15 pounds and appears to be the favorite for the No. 2 spot. 

There. Now go off and gnash your teeth or decide we're going to top the BCS or whatever it is people do with spring ball nuggets. 

Dr. Saturday snaps rubber glove at you in disgust Yahoo's CFB genius is wary of Miami's decision to replace a bad offense with one that's won them five national championships. I think. He's smarter than me so I'm never sure what he's actually saying (also I'm not trying to hear anything less than blind adoration at all times, I NEED THIS TO WORK LALALALALALALALALALA FINGERS IN EARS). 

He does end his thoughts noting that last year's crap offense "put a record five freshmen in the end zone in one game, and four of the top five returning receivers will be sophomores." There's your "AIEEEEEE", Doc.  

Clogged Arteries Cushion Sacks  The Sun-Sentinel's Shandel Richardson visits MLK Restaurant, where Jacory Harris has been eating Tuesday and Thursday mornings as part of his Plan To Not Blow Away In Moderate Breezes And Also Not Die On The Field And Other Stuff.  Owner Leonard Johnson has been feeding Harris and his MNW teammates for years, and is doing his civic duty:

"I always make sure he has a big plate," Johnson said. "Every time he orders now, no matter what he orders, I always throw a waffle on there. I don't know if it's going to help, but we're going to put some calories on him."

Miami Football: clawing its way back, one waffle at a time. 

[A 21-gun salute to Mr. Leonard Johnson, Football Booster Hero.]