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in case you were wondering, all of college athletics still wants to be just like the university of miami and is still failing miserably in their quest.

see... back in december, 2008, the university of miami quietly cut its ties with russell athletic. partly because russell's logo is f*&king gay, but mostly because they make their crappy imitation jerseys in some shithole honduran sweatshop full of 9 yr olds. or something

chances are, you didn't hear about the U terminating its relationship with russell. know why?

because unlike michigan and unc and penn state and purdue and georgetown and rutgers and wisconsin and eleventy-five other universities around the country who very publicly followed suit and cut their ties with russell athletic in feb. & march, 2009... the university of miami simply did not feel the compulsion climb up on their soapbox and hold a f*&king press conference to announce to the world that our shit don't stink.

"ooooh, oooooh, look at me. look at my moral superiority. do you want to touch it? you can touch it. attention everybody. may i have your attention everyone. are you watching? i'm about to help an old lady across the street, are you watching?"

there is a time and a place for such ostentatiousness, people.