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The Connect: 03/16/09

"Hell" was already taken.  Happy Bryce Brown day!  I've got Kansas State in my pool with myself.

You can find out at 1pm if I'm right - KGSO will carry the decision the world awaits with baited breath live.  Arthur Sr. offers some perspective looking back: "That is the one thing we would have done different," Brown said. "I would say to a recruit, do not commit. If you commit to a university, be absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt sure that you don't need to see another university. And let that be your stance. If you have the need to visit other schools, do not verbally commit. It drives bloggers who have to write about it FUCKING CRAZY." 

Okay, some of that was mine.

Here's my scrimmage report from Thursday night: Randy Shannon better encase Jacory Harris in a human hamster ball, because cotdamn we are screwed if he gets hurt. Speaking of quarterbacks, HEE HEE at Randy Shannon attempting to appear tall in a photo of Taylor Cook.  We see those tippy toes, sir.

To be Frank: Haith denies interest in Alabama. So does the United States, but we can't get any takers.