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The Connect: 03/02/09

Perhaps an academic decathlon would have served Amidst Senior Day and the NFL combine and upcoming draft - you know, that thing going on that we're ignoring because we only have one guy in it and he will not be going in the first few rounds unless a plague takes out approximately 89 percent of graduating seniors (don't put it past me FINGER TENT MANIACAL LAUGHTER) - AllCanes relays comments from ESPN's Todd McShay:

"It's been building the last few years. You look at Larry Coker when he took over as head coach and this program as a whole got lazy recruiting...I expect two to three years from now we'll be looking at that year's combine and saying 'you know what, they're back to being Miami with four, five or six guys in the first day that are prospects right now."

Anyhoo, 30ish scouts did show up for last week's Pro Day. Spencer Adkins did well, and is receiving interest from four teams. Edgerrin James was present but it remains unclear whether it was to either cheer the seniors on or hydrate the field with his tears.

CentCom's move to One Buc Place imminent Tight End and Great Hurricane Kellen Winslow has been traded from Cleveland to Tampa Bay for "multiple undisclosed draft picks" and "the relief of not having to treat his weird balls anymore."  Has anything ever made more sense than Kellen Winslow: Pirate? I thought not.

Man among boys looks like man among boys Port St. Lucie's Jeff Luc attended spring practice on Saturday, and found Randy Shannon is a human jukebox: "Coach Shannon, he said to name any position and he'd tell me a story about it."  I trust he would first pass out those butter cookies you can wear on your fingers, and a story mat to sit on. At any rate, Jeff Luc's highlight reel is pretty much ridiculous.  Kinda like his pink backpack, but I'm certainly not gonna tell him: