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oh heather.

for those of you who don't masterbate to random female sports bloggers aren't familiar with's heather dinich, allow me to introduce you. ms. dinich is smart, articulate, educated and, as you can see below, kinda hot.  


ms. dinich's latest installment is a fine little ditty about how UM wr coach aubrey hill rewards his wr's for making big plays with "payday" candy bars. get it? payday. see its funny because the candy bar is called "payday". but its also a reference to these young athletes' dreams of someday getting a real life NFL "payday" for doing the very thing that earns them "payday" candybars right now. ok maybe that went over your head.   

regardless, i feel compelled to point out that, for a variety of reasons, i'm very hesitant to rip ms. dinich. first, she does a serviceable job of covering the ACC for the 4 letter nazis network, which i imagine is a lot like being the chef de cuisine at the local assisted living facility. you got all these brilliant, creative ideas about how to add a little flavor, a little kick, a little something special to break up the mind-numbing blandness, but all you ever get in response is "ooohhh... too spicy" and "my doctor says i can't have anything with salt. or sugar."

second, as you can see, she is kinda hot. and not just by blogger standards. those who know me know that i have a longstanding policy against belittling the intellect of hot girls. unless they're republican.


most importantly though, despite her unnecessarily complex metaphor about candy bars or diabetes or credit default swaps or whatever the fuck that was about, the overall point of her article is that miami is f*&king loaded at wr this season. and for that, ms. dinich, all is forgiven.  

carry on.