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The Connect: Gators Are Effing Pansies Edition

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This morning's Connect is dedicated solely to the cowardice that is the Florida Gator (Go, Gator!).  UF has rejected yet another proposal by UM to play regularly scheduled games; AD Jeremy Foley said in an e-mail to the Herald, "This may change, but if it did, it would not be on a schedule of twice every four years [as UM proposed].''  So...I guess it is matters most the pressure they are under, but only from the cupcakes they schedule outside the SEC.

Even this year's loss, which saw a brave bunch of high school seniors pin a national champion to the wall for 3 quarters before eventually folding, was my favorite game of the year.  Would that such explosions of hatred and intensity happened at least biennially.  Stupid yella lizards.