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The Connect: 03/25/09

Not much funny today (yet).  All the news that's fit to type about Saturday's spring scrimmage:

CB DeMarcus Van Dyke is hoping to bounce back from his sophomore slump. What was the difference between a great freshman season and the mess that was 2008? "I played with confidence [my freshman year]," Van Dyke said. "My freshman year people thought I was going to go out there and be scared. I played with confidence. I listened to what coaches were telling me to do. The second year ..."

Yeah, just trail off. I like to pretend it never happened, too.

WR LaRon Byrd says his crew understand 90-95% of Whip's new offense. "I study my playbook extra hard day and night, and so do all the other receivers and the quarterback," Byrd said. "The offense as a whole, we have at least 90 percent of the playbook down."

CJ Holton was permanently moved from safety to linebacker three practices ago. "We were trying something new...we had a bunch of players at safety, so we tried something different during the scrimmage. Coaches thought I did pretty well, so I stayed there." He's with the twos, playing strongside behind Sean Spence. And he's really, really happy he can gain weight back.

Javarris James is injured AGAIN.  Trainers worked on his left side/shoulder yesterday; he will miss Saturday's scrimmage.  Hmmph. This is a job for....MIKE JAMES!!!!