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The Connect: 03/04/09

Fighting Noobs to be coached by goob According to local news outlets, UT-San Antonio will name former Hurricane program-runner-into-the-grounder Larry Coker as the first head coach of their fledgling football program.  Approval from university President [and former porn star, obviously - Ed] Ricardo Romo is expected this week and then the winning can begin.  In all seriousness, good for Larry:  He desperately wanted to coach again, and the UTSA program will likely be a great fit as he has the required amounts of enthusiasm for program-building and absolutely no expectations of competing to fulfill.  

Fat baby was fat MNW commit Todd Chandler weighed 167 pounds as a 7-year-old. We mention this because TODD CHANDLER WEIGHED 167 POUNDS AS A 7-YEAR-OLD.

My what baggy shorts you have I forgot to post these images from Friday's practice; it's tough to imagine how I forgot such gems as "team stretches 1," "team stretches 2," and "team stretches 3." That said, there is football being played somewhere, and that makes these art.  Jason Fox: Dr. Evil? 


Happy child makes me feel feeling, must be destroyed Tommy Streeter can't hep but grin like a madman while talking about how good it is to be back on the field this Spring after red-shirting. Awww!  This Halloween, I'm making a street-o'-lantern.


(Also new at cbs4's video library: Edgerrin James and Sinorice Moss at the NFL Dare to Dream event last week.  Good on ya, boys.)