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The Connect: 04/01/09

The Miami Hurricane's Dan Stein takes a look at 2010 QB prospects. One is short, one unproven, one is in Tampa, and one is "not the most physically gifted." 

The solution? 

Midnight raids to poke holes in all of Ken Dorsey's condoms. 


We'll only suffer lists like this for 18 years.

John Lovett's complimentary backhand makes an appearance. Darryl Sharpton, he says, has "got some limitations, but he overcomes a lot of those things with his style of play.'' Lovett said he's "very happy'' with Sharpton, who "emotionally and mentally, brings a lot to the table.'' 

But then: "If you could get somebody else that was a better athlete in there, that would certainly make the defense better"

Beautiful.  Just let it sink right in and bask in its glory.


Pretty sure this is not Tim Tebow's girlfriend (coughmothercough), but Punte makes a funny over at With Leather.