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Change of Plea in Sean Taylor Case

One of the suspects (er, perpetrators) in the Sean Taylor murder is changing his plea to 'not guilty.'

Venjah Hunte, 21, had agreed to cooperate with prosecutors last May in exchange for 29 years rather than face life if convicted with the other four who are charged in the botched robbery.  His attorney advised against backing out of the deal, so today Hunte is expected to ask the court to appoint new counsel.

Hunte's attorney declined to give his client's reasons for the change of heart, citing confidentiality rules. It'd be my guess it has to do with living 29 years in prison labeled a snitch, but what do I know.  The case has been pretty leak-free since Judge Dennis Murphy barred all involved from speaking to the press.

Anyway, the whole affair is just sickening. 

Sean Taylor would have turned 26 yesterday.