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Player Shows Up, Asks For Offer, Gets It


...and that pretty much sums up the success story of one Johnathan Feliciano from Davie's Western High School. Feliciano -- a 6'4"/283 offensive tackle -- hadn't so much as received a letter from UM, so he showed up at the spring game, accosted running backs coach Tommie Robinson by the team bus, and handed off his highlights DVD.  On Tuesday, he called coaches and learned they liked his film and would offer him a scholarship. Feliciano accepted on the spot.

"Right when they offered I said I'd commit," Feliciano told Rivals. "I'm 100 percent done for Miami. Miami was my top school all along, my dream school."

The offer came from offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland. "He was happy, and he was shocked I committed right when he offered. Right when they offered I said, `I want to commit.'" (Well, honey, that's probably because he'd only known your name for two days, but welcome to the family.)

Western's coach Rashad West says Feliciano flew under the radar because Western's program is such a joke no one minds it (except for Akron and Indiana, who were Feliciano's only offers to date).

According to Feliciano, Miami says they expect to take 5 offensive lineman in this class -- he makes #2, following Palm Beach Central's Shane McDermott.  The other three will likely come from this list, unless someone follows a different position coach to Walgreens and asks for an offer. 

They just might get it.