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Reminder: Be Excited.

The offseason bloooows.

We're in the horrible lull between spring ball (Optimism! It smells like 3 months of a Rivals subscription!) and whatever they do before the season starts, besides make babies with the dance team or shoot off guns or fall asleep in line at McDonalds.  Fortunately, along comes The Sporting News to pump. you. up. by declaring Miami one of four programs on the rise.

Blog words!  Catch the excitement!

Miami. This, I'm baffled by: Robert Marve somehow has made more news this offseason than the Miami Hurricanes.

While we're all so enthralled (really, just ESPN) with Marve's choice of colleges after he left Miami because he lost the starting job (quick hint, everyone: he won't win the job at Purdue, either), we've forgotten that Jacory Harris is a big-time talent. Watch how he develops in Year 2 without a hint of quarterback controversy -- and under the tutelage of new offensive coordinator Mark Whipple.

There's a common thread among the four teams on the rise: an upgrade in recruiting. The Canes have recruited better than any of the four, and consistent, efficient play at quarterback -- something the team has lacked in coach Randy Shannon's two seasons -- will change everything.