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Maurice Hagens Commits

Yes, please!  Tampa Bay Tech FB takes one more slot from...everyone else.  5'11"/220/4.7 Hagens visited UM on Saturday, even speaking with Donna Shalala.

He called tonight and verbaled (it's a verb now, alright?).

"I just told coach (Clint) Hurtt that I committed, that I loved it down there when I went on the visit. "He just said congratulations, that they'd welcome me there with open arms."

Hagens' father: "Maurice likes the family atmosphere they showed him last week. It was a good fit for him. He thought about it all week long. He liked the small class size down there and it's close to home also. ... I'm very excited about it. I think it's a good fit for him."

"I talked to [good friend and recruiting hero Todd Chandler] today," Hagens said. "I just told him, and he was like `We're going to get to play together now!"

"I just had it in my mind that I had already committed; I just didn't tell anyone," Hagens said.

"This is a done deal for Miami."

Last year Hagens rushed for 1,019 yards and 13 touchdowns at fullback. As a sophomore he rushed for 1,300 yards and 10 scores.

From ESPN:

Johnny Cash made songs about this guy; he is a runaway train. Hagens is a big and powerful fullback from days gone by. Hits the holes quickly and is athletic enough to make instant lateral cute in order to not be hit in the backfield. On the trap, displays good vision and breaks the ball off the trappers rear end. On the isolation, follows the lead blocker till day light shows then bounce it out or cuts back to the inside. A short strider in the openfield that is actually faster than appears. Doesn't really pull away from many defenders but is no slouch in terms of speed. Tough to tackle because of strength and powerful legs. Leaves would-be tacklers in the dust who try to tackle him low and runs over those who attempt to make chest up tackles. Uses the old school stiff arms at times and would just as soon run over the defender as avoid them. Not unusual to seem him drag opponents downfield. Hagens is a powerful locomotive in cleats that will be a very productive fullback if he is in the right system. He is a real competitor who is fun to watch.