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Randy Shannon's Magical Mentoring Bus Rolls Through PBC

In an effort to sell tickets, raise an army of tiny fans, and luh da kids, your Miami Hurricanes are rolling through South Florida on a summer outreach tour, running peewee drills and then imparting words of wisdom.  [PBP and UM have pics.]

"There's a lot of violence in these communities and it's not the adults who are doing it," said Jacory Harris. "A lot of times it's the kids, and we're just trying to show them the right way." 

It's a far cry from the free 1993 Tony Russell seminar, "Maximizing Pell Grants and Alternative Revenue Streams," but no less endearing. 

"It's no secret that there have been issues in the past," said Matt Bosher. "But we've matured and I think this shows that we're putting a good foot forward in the community."

Saturday found them in Boynton Beach at the Ezell Hester Community Center, where Jacory explained in the post-practice Q&A session that school is important if you want to play football. "You have to know your left from your right, because if you don't, then you won't go the right way."  (Guess Robert Marve didn't get the memo about learning his colors.)

It's sweet, really, even if born of the crafty mind of a marketing bot:  the kids don't give a crap why the players are there -- they just care that they are. And true to Shannon's regime, some were even made to do pushups if they didn't execute their drills properly.  Recruiting assimilation can't start too early, I guess, and at least he didn't put them in garbage bags.