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Jacory Harris Talks About His Post-Bowl Bus Speech

The adorable Heather Dinich spoke to Jacory Harris yesterday, when our Onyx God was made available to media. (You know, if only we were Actual Media, we'd have known about this and compressed these into one post. No respect.)

The good parts:

I heard from a pretty reliable source at Miami that after the Emerald Bowl, you got on the bus, and you said something. Do you remember? Do you know what I'm talking about?

JH: I know what you're talking about, but I can't remember.

Did you apologize?

JH: Yeah, I was apologizing to the seniors. I felt like even though people were telling me I didn't blow the game by the fumble I felt like I still could've made something happen. Even though I didn't know the guy came and hit me, I still felt like it was my fault. I didn't want nobody else to feel like it was their fault. I'm the type of person that, I take blame on everything. I could throw a good ball and they drop it, I say it's my fault.

I thought that that was the point when you took ownership of the team. I thought you might have said you're going to do something for next year.

JH: Yeah, I told them next year won't be like this. I refuse to go through anything like that last year. I felt like we had a good team, we just didn't put it all together. Now we have all the pieces. It's only right that we have a successful season.


I gotta ask you this question. You have so much talent, but good grief, that schedule is just brutal. What's your mindset on that?

JH: Uh, I didn't know we had a tough schedule.

Ha, yeah, you lie like a rug.

JH: (Laughs).