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Belle Glade TE Commits


Glades Central High School TE Clive Walford committed today after spending four hours at UM with his uncle.

"It seemed like the perfect environment for me," he said.

"[I] saw the facilities and also met the players. I met Travis Benjamin, Randy Phillips, Micanor Regis. They said they love it there, that they want me down there. They said it's a great environment. I saw the film room, all of that. I also saw a couple of NFL players out there training. I saw the campus. It was lovely. I loved it."

In continued Muck Chancery, Walford lists offers from FIU, Indiana and Purdue, and -- this is fantastic -- didn't even play football last year, because he "wasn't enjoying" it. 

Yeah, we like [assumed vice redacted] too. Welcome.

(And you know what, a game of Point Toward the Muck, Sign Who You See is probably more effective than whatever the Coker Plan was.  I like this; let's field a team of mystery Dum Dums and see how far we go.)

Height: 6'6"
: 225
: 4.6