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Belle Glade TE Commits

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Glades Central High School TE Clive Walford committed today after spending four hours at UM with his uncle.

"It seemed like the perfect environment for me," he said.

"[I] saw the facilities and also met the players. I met Travis Benjamin, Randy Phillips, Micanor Regis. They said they love it there, that they want me down there. They said it's a great environment. I saw the film room, all of that. I also saw a couple of NFL players out there training. I saw the campus. It was lovely. I loved it."

In continued Muck Chancery, Walford lists offers from FIU, Indiana and Purdue, and -- this is fantastic -- didn't even play football last year, because he "wasn't enjoying" it. 

Yeah, we like [assumed vice redacted] too. Welcome.

(And you know what, a game of Point Toward the Muck, Sign Who You See is probably more effective than whatever the Coker Plan was.  I like this; let's field a team of mystery Dum Dums and see how far we go.)

Height: 6'6"
: 225
: 4.6