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more warm & fuzzy feelgoodery

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in more feel good news.... antrel rolle, he of the whooping some cop ass and intercepting of gator QBs




is getting a jump on any potential future court ordered community service in the form of a $30k renovation to south-dade high school's weight room.




in fact, this is not the first time rolle has given back to his alma mater. rolle's foundation has given three south-dade high seniors and six homestead high seniors $2,500 scholarships. wait. there's more. rolle previously donated $4,000 to the school for new football jerseys. wait, there's more still. he is also sponsoring 140 kids from florida city to participate in MLB's RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) program. 


so suck on that, tebow.


by my count, this do-goodery entitles antrel to at least 5 free ass whoopings of some cops without repercussion. no word yet on the seventh floor's request that rolle donate some ballhawking skills to demarcus van dyke.