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Who Should Ride the Short Bus?


Yesterday was crawling with reports that the circle of life wide receivers would shrink to 4 or 5.

"[Shannon] said, `Look, the bus is going to be short this year,''' sophomore receiver LaRon Byrd said on Wednesday. "And everybody was like, `Whoaaa!"

"Now you’re going to see who really, really wants it and now you’re going to see who’s going to back away from the competition.  I wish he would do that with every spot. From quarterback on to running back, everybody. To get that drive out of you because some people get complacent and say, ‘Well, I’m going to start no matter what.’ But if you cut the list down and say only three people are going to travel, then a lot of people are going to work harder. It’s nothing but challenges and I love challenges."

So...who would you take, out of Byrd, Aldarius Johnson, Thearon Collier, Kendall Thompkins, Travis Benjamin, Davon Johnson, Leonard Hankerson and Tommy Streeter?

Byrd seems a given, barring injury, as would T-Ben and maybe Aldarious.  But ... imagine leaving anyone as fast as Pimp or Davon in Coral Gables, waving in the rear view?  Oof.

For his part, Hankerson isn't just handing his seat over.