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The Connect: 08/12/09

Cookie Monster: activated. "It's pretty easy," [Ramon Buchanon] said, before pausing and adding, "Well, I won't say it's easy, but I'm getting it."  So ready for this.

This is supposedly recruit Kevin Nelson, but who can tell, because he's wearing a helmet indoors at someone's camp.  One things for sure: this class is feisty, proud, and infiltrating the enemy.  Just as we like 'em.


"Position friends" is the new "f@*% buddy"Sam Shields has written it down: Get five picks and return three of them for touchdowns.

LIAR! Shannon: "I don't even know what a pimp cup is, to be honest with you." Bottom left, click play

Randy Phillips, currently being scouted by UM Advancement.  He says the older alumni have told him, "We got Coach Shannon's back. You go do this."  Boner!

Who does he most look forward to?  "I got Oklahoma circled."