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The Connect: 08/17/09

I can say nothing snarky about this.  It is a story of unspeakable personal tragedy, horrific loss, dedication without reward, unwavering support, and love -- of the game, sure, but also of a teammate and friend...until they send him in against Aaron Curry, and then you realize this heartwarming story is really just a sinister murder plot. "Make-a-Wish" FTW!

NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooOOOOOOOOOO! "UM defensive end Adewale Ojomo could miss the opener against FSU after getting injured Sunday 'horsing around' in UM's locker room." 

This twitter missive from Jorge Milan follows news that Olivier Vernon may or may not have an ankle sprain that may or may not be mild, which means there went our #1 and #2 left DEs, and that rookie Shayon Green has torn an ACL

Will someone please enclose Sean Spence in bubbble wrap. Thank you.

Secondary wants to steal ball.  Breaking: area squirrel would like to eat nuts.

"Even university president Donna Shalala asked Haith about Graham playing two sports."  RAMBUTAN SHALALA LIKES SMASHY.

Micanor Regis, skinny bitch. Sam Shields, tremendous. Mark Whipple, labeled