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Cooper in Boot, Ojomo Drinking Through Straw

Well, actually, I don't know if he's drinking through a straw, but the Herald is reporting after fighting horsing around in the locker room, our magically named left end has a broken jaw and "may" miss FSU (you think?). It doesn't help that freshman phenom Olivier Vernon, expected to get some time in the same spot, is "limping heavily." 

Of course, defensive end is not our shallow place, but still...FML, or at least my fall.

Even worse news out of practice this morning is that Graig Cooper is in an immobilizing boot.  GRAIG COOPER IS IN A FUCKING BOOT, PEOPLE.  Considering JJ has never made it through a season without shattering at least 14 essential body parts, let us hope Mike James is currently practicing on a pile of pillows.

There's no word yet on the nature of Coop's injury, but the prospect of Miami facing its first four games without him isn't a pleasant one. The injuries aren't for lack of caution: Shannon's been doling out days off and resting players left and right in an effort to enter the gauntlet healthy.